The top RPA tools every RPA developer should know

Tangentia | The top RPA tools every RPA developer should know

The top RPA tools every RPA developer should knowThe top RPA tools every RPA developer should know

The top RPA tools every RPA developer should know

Saurav Revankar

Author: Saurav Revankar

Due to huge demand in today's world, many companies are looking for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) developers who have experience in one or more specific RPA set of tools as well as strong development skills and can work within RPA frameworks. RPA developers also need strong configuration management and logical thinking skills to ensure their automation runs smoothly across different environments.

In order to enter the RPA industry, it is important to learn different RPA tools. Since RPA is a low-code platform, these tools are fairly easy to learn.

Following are the important RPA tools right now

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is one of the most popular RPA vendors that offers a powerful and easy-to-use platform to perform any complex tasks. It is different from other programming software because it is focused more on RPA or Robotic Process Automation which will allow the user to operate a computer with the interface of GUI instead of programming languages. By using Automation Anywhere, a user can record a sequence of steps that they go through on a website which is then converted into an automation script ready to be used. Automation Anywhere also offers a trial/free version (Automation Anywhere Community Edition) of their tool so that developers can learn and get hands-on experience with it.


Another RPA software that has been making an impact on the RPA market recently is UiPath. The key difference between Automation Anywhere and UiPath RPA providers is that Automation Anywhere offers RPA software as a cloud service, whereas UiPath is RPA software as a desktop application. Like Automation Anywhere, UiPath is also a low code platform and users can record steps as per process to automate. It also comes with a free version (UiPath Community Edition) for small businesses and individuals and with the trial version, it is easy to get hands-on experience with UiPath for a developer or a person who is looking to get into RPA development using UiPath.

Blue Prism

Unlike Automation Anywhere and UiPath, having knowledge of C# makes it easier for developers to learn Blue Prism. Blue Prism also lets users interact with variables and scenarios dynamically to test and resolve issues. UiPath and Automation Anywhere provide a visual GUI interface and quick implementation features while on other hand BluePrism requires programming skills. Blue Prism also provides the Blue Prism learning edition version which is available to everyone with a Blue Prism Digital Exchange Account.

As the trend of an RPA is increasing day by day, it is the right time to make this career move. If you are a fresher than you can start working on improving your SQL and C# knowledge. Also, get hands-on experience with any of the RPA tools as most of the tools offer a free trial version. If you are looking to apply for a RPA related job, visit the Tangentia careers page.

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