Robotic Process Automation for SMB

Enterprise-Level Power For Your Small Business

RPA is a powerful tool SMBs and startups can use to manage processes and connect with customers, forming a strong foundation on which to grow.
Tangentia | Robotic Process Automation for SMB
Tangentia | Robotic Process Automation for SMB

Discover How RPA Can Help Your Business Thrive

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is often thought of as a solution for larger enterprises, but it is equally important for SMBs and startups that want to maintain a competitive edge. Smaller companies are under constant pressure to compete in a global marketplace, while ensuring they can scale as needed and still provide top-notch customer service.

Why RPA for SMBs & Startups?

Improved Employee Experience, Reduced Costs, Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Insurance RPA

Easy Scalability

RPA can easily be scaled to meet the increasing demands that come with more customers and more employees, ensuring you can remain competitive in your industry.

Banking & Finance RPA

Streamline Back-Office Processes

RPA makes it possible to automate back-office processes, such as payroll and invoicing, freeing up your staff to perform the high-value work that will help your company grow.

Retail RPA

Improve Customer Service

RPA can help you maintain a high level of customer service with the use of a chatbot, which acts as the first line of contact for answering questions and providing information.

Manufacturing RPA

Support Transformation Projects

Connect and share information across disparate systems to support projects that help smaller companies through periods of transition as they grow and evolve.

Automotive RPA

Manage Partners

RPA can help SMBs and startups manage partner relationships, from onboarding to communications and the exchange of information, that will help them thrive and grow.

Oil & Gas RPA

Manage Vendors

RPA can help SMBs and startups develop strong vendor relations, which can lead to improved rates, discounts and other benefits that will help a smaller business increase profit margins.

Bring Tangentia Onboard and Automate Key Business Processes

Tangentia brings decades of experience as a leader in the automation industry to everything we do. We have a highly skilled team of experts that lead the way in innovation, developing customized automated systems for businesses of all sizes.

RPA allows SMBs and startups to hit the ground running, automating processes from day one – processes that many larger businesses must transition to from legacy systems. This provides smaller businesses like yours the advantage of having automation work for them from the earliest stages, freeing employees from repetitive work so they can focus on growing your company in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Tangentia | Robotic Process Automation for SMB
Tangentia | Robotic Process Automation for SMB

What tasks can RPA solve for SMBs and Startups?

  • Manage data across systems
  • Pull data from key sources
  • Auto-fill forms
  • Process customer transactions
  • Communicate with customers and answer FAQs
  • Optimize workflows
  • Generate reports

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