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Tangentia provides Boomi B2B/ EDI implememtation, Integration, consulting and 24/7 managed services.

What Is Boomi?

Boomi provides a full range of B2B/EDI network capabilities and data connectivity solutions, making it possible to seamlessly integrate with trading partners and simplify the production, consumption and integration of data for secure managed file transfer.

The goal is to maximize your data to create a single layer of connectivity that allows your users to connect with whatever they want, whenever they want, in whatever way they want. The result? Increased data agility, efficiency, intelligence and security.

Boomi Features

Change The Way You Connect With Your B2B/EDI Partner Network

Boomi EDI Business Benefits

Simplify Processes With Your Vendors & Suppliers

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Accelerate & Improve Connections

Build integrations at enhanced speeds, allowing you to improve productivity with the use of operational intelligence, reusable business logic, and data flow recommendations to make your integration process and error resolution easier. Best of all, you can ensure the success of any connected business use case with process libraries, templates, and custom scripting.

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Complete Control of Your Data

Easily secure, access and use your data in a flexible and scalable manner, providing you with complete data control and governance. This will lower the cost of data ownership by eliminating the need to purchase data mastering products and improve operational efficiency by breaking down silos and ensuring data visibility across your organization.

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Built-In Support

With Boomi, you will enjoy built-in support for both traditional, modern and customized EDI standards and meet industry standards for connectivity. Management of your partner framework can be done via a single console, which allows you to keep close track of all partner network transactions and bring new trading partners into your network quickly and easily.

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APIs that Connect Across Your Enterprise

Increase developer productivity and time-to-market and provide customers and partners with seamless experiences, all while ensuring you have complete control over data access. You can even facilitate third-party access and maximize productivity across your entire ecosystem. Lifecycle management will be centralized, and performance maximized

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Reliable User Engagement

Automate workflows by digitizing processes so you can remove business complexity and accelerate business agility. This will allow you to create easy-to-use interfaces with hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployment options that will improve the user experience for customers, employees and partners and make it easier to collaborate across your organization.

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Connected & Actionable Data

Data from across people, applications, and systems can be brought together to create a solid business intelligence resource. With the ability to migrate, consolidate and rationalize data, you can streamline your business operations, allowing you to analyze customer data so you can serve them better and make use of the full range of data available to you

How can Tangentia help you unlock Boomi’s full potential?

We will work closely with your business to customize the implementation of Boomi’s AtomSphere solution.Tangentia’s trained and experienced developers and implementation specialists can provide your company with the assistance you need to create a Boomi solution that is tailored to help you reach your business objectives.

Mapping Factory

Mapping Factory

Tangentia provides full EDI mapping services geared toward both inbound and outbound documents. This will ensure you attain and maintain full compliance with the EDI requirements of your partner.



Tangentia is dedicated to helping your company migrate your data from your legacy platform to AtomSphere. Our services are designed to ensure the migration process is specifically suited to your business requirements and data management strategies.



If your company would prefer not to host, manage and maintain an on-premise server, Tangentia offers cloud hosting for AtomSphere that is secure, affordable and flexible.

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