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Harness the Power of AI
for Higher Education

Introducing TiA for Higher Education

TiA is an advanced AI platform that offers intelligent chatbot and voice capabilities.
This makes it possible to efficiently provide students and the general public accurate and timely answers to their questions, improving their overall communication experience.

Who is TiA?

TiA is powered by IBM Watson and optimized and developed by Tangentia’s team of experienced AI consultants. TiA is built to meet the unique needs of Students and Higher Education institutes across the globe.

TIA has the ability to:

• Provide multi-language conversational support
• Search your website & database for answers
• Self-learn and make adjustments over time

TiA’s Impact on Higher Education

On-demand Student Support
Live 24/7 student support to find the resources they need, when they need it
Virtual Learning Made Easy
Provide a teacher’s assistant, with 24/7 availability to answer student questions
Reduce Costs & Gain Time
Free up staff to have more one on-one time to help students where they need it most

TiA’s AI Capabilities

TiA comes with a number of impressive and innovative features
that can customized for your College or University.

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Flexible Communication Options

Whether a student or member of the public interacts with an institution via web chat or over the phone, they will be able to speak in a natural language and receive their answers as though a human was replying.

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Use of Natural Language

TiA is more than a Chatbot. TiA not only understands natural human language but can learn to determine the meaning behind the questions people ask. The more questions TiA is asked, the more it adapts and the smarter it becomes. This increases its ability to adjust its answer the next time a question is asked.

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Unified Problem-solving Experience

TiA won’t only answer a few standard questions and it won’t leave the user unsatisfied. TiA has the ability to determine when it should ask the user for clarification, search its knowledge base for answers, or direct the user to a human who can help.

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24/7 Support & Multi-Language

TiA can connect across any channel via an app or website and provides support 24/7 in 40+ languages. Helping your College or University attract more international students, by providing them with the support and resources they need during the evaluation and enrollment stage.

Interested in exploring how AI can be utilized to support students and decrease the demand on staff?

Book a call today and a Tangentia team member will reach out you to discuss our capabilities and experience in Higher Education.

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia is fully equipped to help your Higher Education Institution customize and deploy an AI enabled Chatbot
Tangentia | TiA Chatbot Education


Tangentia is partnered with IBM to provide cloud-based solutions using the SaaS model. We make it easy for you to access a robust and feature-rich infrastructure.

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot Education


Our company has offices in Canada, the United States, and India. The support you need to keep your systems up and running is never more than a phone call or click away.

Tangentia | TiA Chatbot Education


We have spent decades providing cutting edge EDI services to businesses looking for reliable, scalable, and customizable solutions.

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