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Tangentia | Process Mining

The Future of Business Process Management Begins Here

Tangentia | Process Mining
Tangentia | Process Mining

Gain a deep, real-time understanding of your business

Legacy business process management is no longer sufficient. Lacking visibility, your only option is an exhaustive, inaccurate series of surveys and audits. A lack of connectivity between processes and business information systems only exacerbates the problem.
There's a better option. Tangentia's process mining solution gives you a direct, real-time view 'under the hood' of your business. By combining data science, artificial intelligence, and business process management, we help you make better, more strategic decisions where it really counts.

A Wealth of Benefits Wrapped into One Incredible Service

Cloud Mobility Solution

Ecosystem-Wide Discovery

Extract data from across your entire ecosystem to create truly accurate process maps.

Infrastructure and Data Integration

Unbiased Data

Generate less biased, more accurate process models for direct, objective insights.

Enterprise App Development


Leverage a range of metrics to identify the root causes of process problems, quantify their impact on performance, and apply targeted fixes.

Application Maintenance Services

Effective Process Optimization

Perfect your process models through comparative analysis, benchmarking, and simulated scenarios.

Integrated Technologies

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Improve customer service, standardize your processes and eliminate inefficiencies for better business outcomes.

Leading Edge Technology

Efficient Automation

Eliminate the manual work from business process management, leaving your team free to focus on optimization.

Tangentia | Process Mining

Why Tangentia?

At Tangentia, we have established ourselves as a leader in process mining that:
  • Works with both traditional and innovative new mobile technologies
  • Offers comprehensive workflow automation services
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to offer the best insights possible

Empower your business to do more with…

  • A customized process mining platform tailored to your business's unique ecosystem
  • Intuitive orchestration and reporting functionality
  • Streamlined, data-driven process management
Tangentia | Process Mining
Tangentia | Process Mining

Empower your users to do more with…

  • Standardized processes with no bottlenecks or redundancies
  • Comprehensive workflow automatio
  • Reduced customer lead times and reaction times

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Tangentia | Process Mining

Tangentia | Process Mining

Tangentia | Process Mining

Tangentia | Process Mining


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