Here’s Why Tangentia India is a Great Place to Work

Here's Why Tangentia India is a Great Place to WorkHere's Why Tangentia India is a Great Place to Work

Here's Why Tangentia India is a Great Place to Work

For the second consecutive year, Tangentia India Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been certified as a Great Place to Work by Great Place to Work® Institute (India) Jan 2023 – Jan 2024. Considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in identifying and recognizing Great Workplace Cultures, the Great Place to Work® Certification is recognized worldwide by employees and employers.

As a world-leading provider of autonomous enterprise solutions, Tangentia has been helping companies make an impact using cutting-edge technology that enables them to transform, grow, or bounce back in today’s competitive digital landscape.

“At the center of delivering advanced automation solutions, creating ground-breaking innovations, and strengthening customer relationships is Tangentia’s driving force – its people,” says Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia. “We’re proud of Tangentia being recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’. This prestigious recognition has been bestowed on us due to the hard work and contribution of the entire team. ‘Dream, Work and Achieve’ is our team’s mantra which has helped us exceed customer expectations, set industry benchmarks, and push boundaries.” says Vijay.

Tangentia has always nurtured an inclusive work culture that fosters growth, promotes diversity, encourages education, and inspires teamwork. A ‘Great’ work culture that spans over two decades provides a platform for its employees to exchange ideas, perspectives, and knowledge. With the strategy of being closer to its customers in 2023, Tangentia opened new offices across India – Mumbai, Gurugram, Trivandrum, Karwar, and Belgaum in addition to its existing offices in Goa. As a result, the team has grown exponentially over the last year. This is a testimony that Tangentia is genuinely a ‘Great Place to Work’.

An innovative initiative like ‘Ghar Wapisi’ was announced where offices were open in remote locations – Karwar, Trivandrum, and Belgaum for employees to work from their hometowns instead of moving to metro cities. A guest house facility for employees working over different time zones is also in place in Goa and Kerala offices. Tangentia has also embraced the new normal and has adopted a modern – hybrid work system that facilitates exposure from different global markets – Canada, America, Mexico, and India.

In addition to rewarding its employees through industry-recognized certifications, awards, bonuses, and other benefits, Tangentia welcomes its new employees with a joining bonus of 1000 FOHO coins. While the team works smart, they make time for other activities, including festive celebrations, CSR initiatives, and off-sites. Tangentia is truly a Great Place to Work.

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Tangentia is a Platinum Partner of IBM and well as partners with Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon and leading enterprise software vendors. We work with customers globally with offices in Canada, USA, Mexico and India to implement their RPA strategies using an agile methodology.
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Power Automate is the future of Workflows

Power automate is the future of workflowsPower automate is the future of workflows

Power Automate is the future of Workflows

Microsoft Power Automate is a service that helps you create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. Power Automate is one of the pillars of the Microsoft Power Platform.

This technology is home to low-code tools that span across Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and various standalone applications. Power Automate, specifically, is a workflow and process automation tool. It seeks to automate workflows with an API-based approach, exchange data with legacy on-premises software, and integrate AI models into your workflows with a low-code approach.

Microsoft has now acquired Softomotive, a 15-year-old robotics process automation company, to enhance Microsoft Power Automate product. According to the description on its website, Softomotive offers two products for attended use and unattended use.

Microsoft Power Automate is a low-code/no-code business process automation tool that is a component of the Microsoft Power Platform family. Microsoft wants to integrate Softomotive’s products into this tool. For users of Microsoft’s own “UI Flows” robotic process automation technology, WinAutomation is already incorporated and now offered without charge.

Given that Softomotive products ‘WinAutomation’ and ‘ProcessRobot’ will no longer receive support, updates, or upgrades, according to the Power Automate team, this is the perfect time to migrate to Microsoft’s suite of automation tools built into Office365. Support for WinAutomation solutions will cease on the 31st of December, 2022. Any current Softomotive customer after that date will still be able to use their software, regardless of the licensing level, but without support, upgrades, or updates. All clients who do not have a special arrangement with Softomotive are subject to this. Customers should contact their Microsoft sales representative if they have negotiated a personal contract and terms of service with Softomotive.

What advantages can Power Automate offer?

1. Streamline everyday tasks

Consider the number of emails you get every day. Consider receiving a notification when a high-priority email is received. A template can be enabled with Power Automate so that users receive only that, guaranteeing a critical email is never again missed.

2. Improve workforce productivity

Your company may save time, increase production, and operate much more successfully with the aid of Power Automate. Employees can work more effectively and boost corporate performance by automating repetitive operations that take up time during the day.

3. Automate tasks across business systems

Power Automate links and automates work across numerous programmes, both inside and outside the Microsoft eco-system. SharePoint, Power BI, Word, Outlook, Teams, Planner, Asana, MailChimp, Twitter, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Google Drive, Eventbrite, FreshBooks, and Trello are a few examples of popular connectors.

4. Increase employee satisfaction and reduce human error

Employees are free to concentrate on the tasks that actually matter and need more attention when time-consuming, repetitive operations are automated. As a result, this may result in increased emotions of accomplishment and job satisfaction. Furthermore, automation lowers the possibility of human error, giving you peace of mind that activities are being finished at set standard.

5. Save time with decision making

You may speed up decision-making by automating procedures like approval workflows for handling time off requests, document approvals, sales prospects, etc.

6. Use predefined templates to create a flow

Although creating a flow from scratch is a possibility, Power Automate has a large library of established templates. These enable you to develop procedures around approvals, notifications, productivity, social media, and other topics that save time.

7. Accessible anywhere

Team members can build, execute, and monitor automated workflows even when they are not at the office thanks to the Microsoft Power Automate mobile app.

Common uses of Power Automate:

Tangentia Low Code DEvelopment

You can automate certain tasks, to achieve the following:

  • Receive quick notifications of significant notifications or emails.
  • Keep track of and catch up with new prospective clients
  • Email attachments can be saved automatically to OneDrive or SharePoint.
  • Participate in social media. For instance, you can receive a message if a tweet with a particular keyword was retweeted or if it was automatically tweeted or published on Facebook.
  • Automate approval procedures for things like time-off requests and documents. Once the approval is finished, employees can then be informed via Teams.
  • Receive push notifications on your phone, such as when your employer sends you an email.
  • Maintain awareness of fresh Dynamics 365 Opportunities.
  • When a Power BI alert is triggered, receive an email. Examples of this include alerting the sales managers when ten or more prospects haven’t had updates in more than two weeks, or sending the support team a heads-up when the incident volume is beyond 100.

For Microsoft consumers, this acquisition brings up options like

Customers get more options for building workflows in Power Automate by delivering a full low-code desktop automation solution with WinAutomation. Anyone can now create RPA bots using our current browser-based writing tool or a brand-new desktop application using WinAutomation.

Increasing the available UI automation drivers for popular apps and services In an effort to deliver the most comprehensive set of RPA capabilities on a single platform, Microsoft is now enhancing the desktop automation experience by integrating a wide range of connectors and apps from Softomotive, including SAP, legacy terminal screens, Java, Citrix, and more.

Enabling multitasking and parallel execution – Customers can now run several processes and automations concurrently on the same computer to decrease latency and boost the effectiveness of their bots. This extends existing Power Automate API automation’s tremendous scale to UI automation.

Offering hundreds of extra features – To enable low-code bot development, we are bringing our customers even more Softomotive innovation developed over the previous 15 years.

Why Tangentia for your Power Automate implementation?

Tangentia is a certified RPA consultant that can help your organization develop robust RPA solutions using Microsoft Power Automate technology. Our team of certified RPA developers can help you implement and integrate Microsoft Power Automate (formerly WinAutomation) automation technologies and get the most out of Microsoft Power Automate’s automation tools for your business.

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Monthly Tangentia Byte October 2022

  • Tangentia Byte October 2022Tangentia Byte October 2022

    Monthly Tangentia Byte
    October 2022


Choosing the best-in-class digital transformation

strategy to fuel your business growth

The new normal has quickly taken hold during these unprecedented times, and businesses have taken bigger steps toward becoming autonomous enterprises. These companies recognize the need to drive resilience along with efficiency. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation is not only becoming an essential component to the success of large-scale corporations’ operations, but it is also helping reshape roles within the IT industry. By adopting these technologies, you can create a more intelligent, agile, and responsive business model.

With the rapid maturation of increasingly sophisticated technologies, enterprises now have an opportunity to bring new levels of context, intelligence, and automation to day-to-day processes and decision making in a way that spans organizational silos and enables holistic, enterprise-wide change. In short, they can work toward becoming an autonomous enterprise.

Transformation of this sort will require a deep understanding not only of the potential of new technologies but also of how existing information systems connect and interact and where current business processes have room to improve. This is where Tangentia comes in as an expert with those deep insights, to determine where opportunity lies and where existing IT infrastructure might be holding your organization back from realizing its full potential.


Tangentia’s partnership with Parascript reaches new heights

Tangentia partnered with Parascript for automating intelligent document processing in the healthcare industry. Together we participated at Becker’s Healthcare IT, Digital Health, and RCM forum, from October 4-7, 2022 at Navy Pier, Chicago.

The partnership with Parascript is to streamline the automation of document processing, revolutionize the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) stream, and lead industry innovation with AI and the digital workforce. Tangentia and Parascript together made new connections with the interest of getting new opportunities and evolving the automation journey.


Tangentia partners with Kodak Alaris, the leading scanning system providers for healthcare industry

Tangentia has partnered with Kodak, a well-known brand globally for scanning systems to provide a fully autonomous scanning solution for billing and RCM needs in the healthcare industry. As starting offer, we are giving a 3-month trial software and support to healthcare businesses. To obtain your free trial, please click the link below.


Tangentia joined Automation Anywhere Imagine event as a major supplier of technologies – New York, USA

Tangentia joined Imagine by Automation Anywhere held in New York city as a leading supplier for Canada, the US, and India. It was two days of engaging, educational, and interactive experiences designed for Automation Anywhere customers, partners, technologists, and business leaders interested in intelligent automation. There were discussions of impactful case studies from customers, inspiring keynotes from Automation Anywhere executives, and insights from those leading the automation economy.

Finn, a Finance Specialist – TiA Gen D – Digital Workforce

Introducing Finn, a Finance Specialist, part of our exclusive TiA Gen Digital Workforce. Never one to miss a deadline, Finn is highly efficient with time management and can reduce your annual rework time by 25,000 Hours. With Finn, reinvent your finance practices.


Tangentia wins Best RPA Solution award at the GAISA Summit

The Ministry of Electronics & IT along with AICRA- All India Council for Robotics & Automation held the third edition of GAISA- Global Artificial Intelligence Summit on the 07th & 08th of October 2022. Tangentia won Best RPA Solutions. We are proud of our team and elated to have received this award. 

Delegates like Shri Piyush Goyal- Union Cabinet Minister, Government of India, and Shri Nitin Gadkari- Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India were some of the esteemed speakers for this event.

It focused on the prominence of AI in human lives & business industries. The focus of the summit was the development of Artificial Intelligence systems in ways that are ethically responsible, where ‘ethical’ is defined as aligning with indigenous perspectives on what it means to live a good life.

New exchange program builds diversity among employees

Our teammates from the Automation business unit – Prasad Salgaonkar, Saloni Gaonkar, Akanksha Amonker, and Vishal Patil are visiting the Kerala office for two months to train ten new trainees who have recently joined us.

It is the start of a new culture where employees from all locations will have the opportunity to visit other places as part of our diversity and inclusive initiative. It is a great way to bring new ideas, knowledge, and perspectives from different locations within your company and make it stronger in unison.

Tangentia proudly sponsored the first ever Developers’ Summit in Goa

Tangentia was a prime sponsor of the Goa Developer’s Summit that was exhibited on 16th October 2022 at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. This was Goa’s first-ever Developers Summit and it was a huge success. We were glad to be a part of this venture.

Our CEO Vijay Thomas spoke about Low Code: The Future of software to a large enthusiastic crowd. Tangnetia’s Team had a booth set up to build direct connections with the emerging Goan developers front. It was a great opportunity for developers to meet and learn.

Tangentia is looking forward to more of these events to share with you our knowledge of Autonomous Enterprise and help you hop on this journey.

Diwali celebrations at Tangentia

Tangentia celebrated Diwali like it should, with fun, games, laughter, and lots of sweets. Our HR Team,  the energetic bunch as they always are and organized games for the employees to begin the Diwali week on a joyous note along with colleagues that are our extended family here.

This Diwali we wish that our professional association grows and prospers with the blessings of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. Sending warm wishes on the auspicious occasion of Diwali to you and your family from the Tangentia family.

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Monthly Tangentia Byte September 2022

  • Tangentia Byte September 2022Tangentia Byte September 2022

    Monthly Tangentia Byte
    September 2022

Tangentia Byte – September 2022


‘The Future is Autonomous’ – Tangentia’s Tech Summit achieved

a New Milestone

The Tangentia Open Golf Tournament and Technology summit was a great success and boasted the participation of over 60 professionals representing different industries as business partners, technology providers & customers. Ed Lynch, the VP of IBM Digital Business Automation delivered the keynote speech on the autonomic enterprise. The summit also hosted speakers from leading technology, financial, and government organizations such as Nations Translation Group, CI Financial, Activation Labs, Parascript, Microsoft, and Decisions.

The CEO of Tangentia, Vijay Thomas, gave a special session on Digital Transformation and Tangentia’s commitment in spearheading the autonomous enterprise.

Automation leaders at the Tech summit are committed to driving

Tangentia’s vision of Autonomous Enterprise.

Tangentia’s Tech Summit also included a fun-filled afternoon on the golf course. The attendees were also treated to two – panel discussions that were held in the evening. Sandra Weir, the Automation partner from IBM Canada, moderated a panel discussion about “The Great Resignation v/s Automation.” Another lively panel on the “C Level View of Autonomous Enterprise” was moderated by Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia.


Tangentia’s team identified surging demand from companies across the globe for automation solutions at reduced costs. By adapting the autonomous enterprise, businesses worldwide are seeking to replace 30% of their human workforce with intelligent automation. The event was not only a great success, but also an opportunity for the growth of new business relationships.


Thank you to all our partners and sponsors for your contribution which helped make this event a big success.

Tech summit and morning session


Golf Tournament and Evening Session


Felicitation of the Winners at the Golf Tournament


Meet Tangentia’s Autonomous Special Forces at the world’s largest gathering of Healthcare Industry Leaders

Meet Tangentia’s Autonomous Special Forces at the Becker’s Health IT, Digital Health, and RCM forum, the largest annual gathering of decision makers and technology leaders from the healthcare and digital transformation industry. Our vision is to bring autonomous revolution to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) stream and lead industry innovation with AI and Digital Workforce.


Come meet with us to learn more at – Booth no. 1736 – from October 4-7, 2022 at Navy Pier, Chicago.

Learn More

Tangentia at UiPath FORWARD5 Event

Tangentia joined as the major supplier of Automation and RPA Solutions in the US and Canada. Forward 5 was held in Las Vegas from September 27th to 29th. This annual event is the world’s largest gathering of automation leaders.


Introducing Ingrid, an Invoice Automation Specialist, part of our exclusive TiA Gen Digital Workforce. Never one to miss a deadline, Ingrid is highly efficient and can process more than 11,000 invoices in a single day. With Ingrid, reinvent your billing practices.


Tangentia’s Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving Week is celebrated every year between October 2nd to October 8th This week encourages every individual to give; be it time, money, or other necessities, and teaches us many benefits of the “act of giving”. This festival of philanthropy reminds us that caring for others can bring each of us great joy. A reminder to us that there are millions of people, who are vulnerable and deprived, and it is our duty as concerned human beings to help each other.  

As a part of the Joy of giving month, Tangentia is organizing a donation campaign wherein employees will be encouraged to donate pre-used clothes in good, wearable condition, toys, children’s books, and even non-perishable food items (pulses, rice, etc). All items received were distributed to a charitable orphanage. Goa’s HR Team visited the Shaddai orphanage, Saligao on 30th September to hand over the items donated by our office teams. After a lively exchange of gifts and chats about football with the kids, a cheque amount from the company was handed over to Mr. Johnson – the supervisor at the home.

Tangentia participated in the largest Automation event in Mexico

The Tangentia team joined the business trends roundtable event by Automation Anywhere in Mexico. Technology leaders, experts, and representatives of global businesses held panel discussions about the need for innovation in a competitive world, and its application in the context of autonomous digital transformation.


The Tangentia team in Mexico attended the event with the vision of providing our valuable clients with more offerings about the variety of solutions related to the autonomous and digital enterprise that Tangentia offers.

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Scout Process Mining Quickstart Offer
Soroco Scout, in partnership with Tangentia, provides you with hybrid process mining capabilities that make it possible to visualize a process from end to end and collaborate to improve those processes. This improvement is discovery-led and happens at both the macro and micro levels.
Scout “mines” your processes to make understand how the real work is done. This makes it possible to visualize a process from end-to-end and which identifies hidden bottlenecks while pinpointing where automation and process optimization will lead to the biggest process improvements.
The Technology Summit ‘Accelerating Business Growth via Autonomous Enterprise’
Join us as an Attendee, Speaker or Sponsor.
Tangentia with the vision to drive the autonomous revolution, is committed to building innovative partnerships with global leaders in automation and technology around the world. Our Technology Summit this year focuses on global shifts in the automation industry and helping businesses to address the surging demand for virtual workforce, and growing advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing.
Join your peers and industry experts in insightful conversations, share stories, and collaborate during our technology summit. Enjoy the driving range & putting greens before the start of the tournament, golf carts, and dinner & prizes after to finish off the event.

What’s the Difference between No-Code and Low-Code App Development?
Traditionally, a company that required apps depended solely on the highly specialized skills & knowledge of coders to develop apps. This resulted in long wait times for apps & significant operational inefficiencies that left organizations struggling to fulfill their needs. This is where no-code & low-code app development come in.
What Low-Code App Development Is and
Why You Need It?
Low-code app development is becoming increasingly popular, and according to Gartner, it will account for 65% of all app development by 2024. And it’s no wonder.
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the speed at which businesses & other organizations have had to adopt the use of mobile apps and remote technology.

Polly TiA Bot :
Purchase Specialist
Polly can process more than 11,000 Purchase Orders (POs) in a single day.
Hire Polly to accelerate your PO processing.
Tim TiA Bot :
Human Resource Specialist
Tim has never missed a deadline when it comes to timesheets and payroll processing.
Hire Tim to reinvent your HR practices.
On-Demand Impact Dialogues – Ep 3
CFO Office: Catalyst for Digital Transformation
Hear from industry experts from Automation Anywhere & Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India (ICAI) on how Intelligent Automation unlocks the strategic potentials of Finance & Accounting
Tangentia is a preferred partner to various organizations around the globe helping them achieve their productivity goals. In our premier event “Tangentia Impact Dialogues”, we bring to you our customer’s impactful digital transformation journey. You can experience the learnings and goals achieved directly from the organization. We invite you to join in an open discussion with the speakers and get any of your questions answered in the Tangentia Impact Dialogues.
Impact Dialogues is coming soon to a city near you. Follow us to know more.
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What’s the Difference between No-Code and Low-Code App Development?

What’s the Difference between No-Code and Low-Code App Development? What’s the Difference between No-Code and Low-Code App Development?

What’s the Difference between No-Code and Low-Code App Development?

Traditionally, a company that required apps depended solely on the highly specialized skills and knowledge of coders to develop the apps they need. This resulted in long wait times for apps and significant operational inefficiencies that left organizations struggling to fulfill their needs.

Add to this the increased need for digital apps and shortage of developers in recent years and it becomes clear that IT teams need a way to build powerful apps quickly with the resources at hand. Fortunately, this is where no-code and low-code app development come in.

No-Code vs. Low-Code App Development

At first glance, no-code and low-code seem like the same thing, and they are often confused with one another. However, there are subtle differences between the two that you should know. With this in mind, let’s start by defining these types of app development.

No-code app development is a method of building apps that requires absolutely no coding knowledge or experience. This is a way for non-professional developers, such as employees outside of the IT department, to build the apps they need quickly and easily. These apps can be built using a visual interface and drag-and-drop building platform that contains all the elements required to build an app within minutes. Think of it as similar to a website-building platform.

In contrast, low-code app development is a more flexible method of building apps that still has the drag-and-drop visual interface for people who don’t know programming languages. However, there may be minimal hand-coding required, particularly when you want to customize these applications.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No-Code App Development

What’s the Difference between No-Code and Low-Code App Development?

The greatest advantage of no-code app development is that it doesn’t require any coding to build an app. Anyone can quickly develop an app and launch it with the click of a button. This is the ideal solution when you need an app that will solve a specific problem within a department or a company, making it easy to address an immediate need without having to tap into your IT resources.

There are two major disadvantages of no-code app development to be aware of. The first of these is that the apps that can be built will be fairly basic. However, when they are needed to solve a specific problem, this is generally not a problem. The other disadvantage to no-code app development is that it can be easy for people within an organization to develop apps without proper consideration or supervision, resulting in possible security concerns, problems with integration, and compliance issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Low-Code App Development

Low-code app development comes with several advantages. Apps can be developed quickly, which means there is no more waiting for app development when working on a larger project. In addition, app development costs less, increasing your ROI, while lowering your risk. And with a single click, an app can be deployed and changes to the app can be made as people interact with it.

However, like no-code app development, there are disadvantages to using low-code app development. Prime among these is the fact that with just a low level of coding knowledge, you will find there is a steep learning curve. Low-code apps are not easily suited to building enterprise-grade apps that offer the high performance, quality and scalability.

No-Code or Low-Code App Development—Which Should You Use?

With the above differences between no-code and low-code app development, you might find it challenging to decide which one you need. No-code app development is ideal for simple front-end apps, such as those that can pull, analyze, report on and export data. No-code app development is also good for apps that perform repetitive tasks and for simple internal apps.

On the other hand, low-code app development is best suited to building standalone web and mobile apps that are more likely to be integrated with other systems and multiple data sources. This method of app development can be used for nearly any type of app, with the exception of highly sophisticated, mission-critical apps that need to be scaled and must interact with multiple systems and data sources.

Connect with a member of the Tangentia team today to learn more about how we can help you use no-code and low-code app development to get the apps you need quickly and easily, while easing the burden on your IT department.

Get Started on Your Digital Journey Today

Book a discovery call with a member of Tangentia’s digital team today to find out more about Low Code app development.

Monthly Tangentia Byte June 2022

  • Tangentia Byte June 2022Tangentia Byte June 2022

    Monthly Tangentia Byte
    June 2022

Tangentia Impact Dialogues- Episode 3
CFO Office: Catalyst for Digital Transformation
India, the Middle East, and Asia
Join us on episode 3 of Impact Dialogues focused on India, the Middle East & Asia, to learn how your business can leverage processes such as optical character recognition (OCR), modern expense modules, recurring invoices, process order workflow, automated prepayments & accruals, and artificial intelligence to accelerate digital transformation at the CFO’s office.
Hear from industry experts from Automation Anywhere on how Intelligent Automation unlocks the strategic potentials for Finance & Accounting.

Recession-Proofing Your Workforce with Digital Workers
The economy is poised on the brink of another recession—a 60% likelihood according to Morgan Stanley—& with revenues down & inflation up, numerous companies are changing their approach to hiring & even reducing their workforce in some cases.
Companies have a new option when it comes to supplementing their workforce & keeping costs down—the use of digital workers.
What Low-Code App Development Is and Why You Need It
Low-code app development is becoming increasingly popular, and according to Gartner, it will account for 65% of all app development by 2024. And it’s no wonder.
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the speed at which businesses and other organizations have had to adopt the use of mobile apps and remote technology.

Case Study:
National Home Products LTD
NHP partnered with Tangentia to reduce overhead, streamline order management, and eliminate errors in documentation. They saw Tangentia as the ideal partner to kickstart their transition to the cloud.

Learn how Tangentia deployed Tangentia Gateway, a flexible, cloud-based EDI platform built for seamless integration and scalability.
Hire Gen D – Digital Workers Today with Tangentia
The Tangentia Intelligent Automation (TiA) Digital Worker is a state-of-the-art digital workforce that is made up of digital workers that come pre-programmed with a wide variety of industry-standard processes that can integrate smoothly with any business system.
Tangentia will train these digital workers, program them to learn from experience, and train your employees to work alongside them.
Being Automation Anywhere 360 Migration Partner, Tangentia will now be able to empower, enable, and transform the processes and operations of their clients with the power of modern intelligent automation.
Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients’ End-to-End Automation with Intelligent Document Processing
We’re excited to announce our partnership with Parascript, one of the industry-leading IDP platforms. A company that has been at the forefront of automating processes for over 25 years. This new technology partnership with Parascript will allow Tangentia to improve processing efficiency and automate tasks such as object recognition and classification, including optical character recognition and handwriting recognition, motion analysis, scene reconstruction, and image restoration. These tasks can support controlling robotized processes, navigation, event detection, organizing information, and automatic inspection. As a result, Tangentia’s clients can potentially save billions of dollars by reducing spending on document processing by up to 95%.
The Harder You Work, Luckier You Get!
Read our Founder and CEO Vijay Thomas’s cover story in Incredible Goa, a leading Goan publication.
An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Company

Vijay Thomas – The Harder You Work, Luckier You Get!

The Harder You Work, Luckier You Get!

Vijay Thomas

The Harder You Work,
Luckier You Get!

Vijay talks of how a chai wala can become a PM and hence anyone can dream. “You just have to dream and manifest it in you. We live in a wonderful world where everything is possible,” says Vijay. “The only reason something doesn’t happen is that people don’t dream big or don’t push those dreams hard enough.”

Vijay also believes that luck also plays a major role in your success and failure. “Many a time things don’t turn out the way you plan it and luck does play a role in this. I have come across many people who don’t believe in luck, but I do not agree with that. According to me, there are some elements of the universe that helps you when you manifest your dreams into it,” said Vijay, adding that the harder you work, the luckier you get. “You need to think of possibilities. I had always been a daydreamer as a kid and I used to visualize things that will make this world a better place. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and it does not hurt to dream, and I kept dreaming and grabbed each opportunity that came my way. There is a saying in Canada, quoted by a famous hockey player, Wayne Gretzky: ‘You miss 100% of the shots, you don’t take. Taking shots at goal often increases your chances of scoring in business and in life in general. I truly believed in that and made sure that I take a shot at every opportunity that came my way and tried to make the most out of it.”

The 20 Million Dollar Company

Vijay shares with us that his parents were not in favour of him getting into business and they advised him against it. “My mother told me that nobody in our family had been successful in business and anybody who tried their hand at anything business-related, failed miserably,” said Vijay adding that his parents told him to get a job and work for any big software company. “I would have been a vice president by now if I had to listen to my parents but that was not my dream, I truly wanted to do something on my own and create a business and decided to give a chance to myself. I was very adamant to make it successful, which I did and today, I run a 20m dollars (150 crores) company with zero debt.”

Vijay’s wife has been a strong support system in his journey of success. “For the first 4 years, our company did not make any money and I did not even pay a salary to myself,” said Vijay adding, In a place like Canada, which was completely new terrain for him, he had no idea how this will turn out. “My wife always supported me to achieve my dreams and today my family owns 100 percent equity in the company since we never raise any funding from any other source. I have built this company from scratch.”

Today, Vijay owns a decently sized IT business and there is a very interesting story about how all this started. After completing his MBA from the Goa Institute of Management, Vijay joined Satyam Computers, a leading software services company in the late 90s. “I worked there for 3 years in the management consulting division of the company, and I was involved in some groundbreaking projects. During that time, Chinese businesses were looking to expand into India and the bicycle business was ripe for the taking. A major Indian bicycle company approached us to find a solution and we redesigned their supply chain and made them more efficient and customer-centric. I have been involved in a palm pilot-based B2B E-commerce system for them in 1999,” he said adding that with the help of that system a vendor could order their stock directly through the E-commerce platform developed by them and get the bicycles delivered to their shops. “This was the time when the e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon did not exist. We were so much ahead of our time that we used the palm pilot to execute the orders.”

The Turning Point

Everyone has a turning point in their lives that changes their destiny and when I asked Vijay about the same, he said, “The turning point is very interesting. Harshad Mehta opened the doors of the stock market for India which attracted me towards it, and I started reading more about stocks and then I borrowed some money from my dad to invest in the stock market,” he said as he went to Engineering school, he honed this skill even more “Let me tell you a very interesting story behind this,” he continued, “When I joined the engineering college we used to pay the fees every semester and in case you miss one payment for one semester, the late fee was only five hundred rupees, so that gave me an idea to invest the money of the fees in stocks and for this, I got some of my friends together and invested even their money thinking we will make some profit and pay the late fee charges in the second semester. It was quite a big risk since everything was at stake and if something had to go wrong the whole thing would have turned upside down. I told everyone that I will pay their late fees and invested all the money into various stocks but luck played its part and I got all the money back with the profits that enterprising thing made me confident enough to venture into the business in the future.”

After finishing Engineering, Vijay did his MBA from the Goa Institute of Management and joined Satyam Computers. “It is due to the IT industry that I got to travel across the world and I worked overseas in Boston for some time,” he said adding, From Boston, he got an opportunity in a Canadian company in Montreal as a project manager. As his wife could not get a marketing job in Montreal as French was essential in marketing, they moved to Toronto after a year. “I joined a French company in Paris with operations in Canada and they made me the head of their Toronto operations. I did very well there and we received many awards but then the real turning point came into my life that changed everything,” he paused for a while and continued, “I came to know that the owners in France sold the company to new investors and I was the only one left in Canada that was reported to the folks in France and they wanted me to rebuild the company and build right from scratch in Toronto. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. That made me think if I had built the company for somebody else right from scratch then I would rather build it for myself and the only difference was that if I had to build it for someone else, I would get a salary but if I had to do it for myself, then I had to pay for myself which was a big risk, that too in a country that was very new to me and far away from my home. But I decided to take the risk and the rest is history.”

You Need to Jump into The Water to Learn to Swim

You cannot learn to swim by standing on the shore and something similar happened with Vijay. When he decided to venture into his own business in 2003, he knew the risk but he decided to take that big risk and dived straight in. “I took the plunge and started holding on firmly to every opportunity that came floating my way to survive,” said Vijay adding that as went ahead things started working out, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. “During those days, IBM, a big software giant, had a contract with the Walmart group and they were looking out for partners with the knowledge of supply chain management. I decide to take up the opportunity and became an IBM partner. The software cost only 800 Dollars and the additional service contract of another 800 Dollars which was very small money for many of the existing IBM partners that made millions of dollars on their deals but were a big amount for companies like mine. I raised my hand and grabbed the opportunity.”

During that time Vijay was living in a small one-bedroom apartment in Toronto with his wife and daughter and he had an office in the same apartment, “I had one engineer who would come and do the work. It was a difficult time, but we pulled it off,” said Vijay adding that the contract, which was considered small by the big multimillion companies, was actually the tip of the iceberg. “Little did they know that there were 3000 vendors of Walmart in Canada and each one needed this software that cost only 800 dollars with a service tag of another 800. It was now a sheer number game of selling the 800 dollars software to 3000 vendors, that was 2.4 million dollars. Of course, I did not get all of them but that became my gateway to get some of the big accounts like Sony Music, which no way I would have got, and hence according to me luck also played a very big role in this.”

Here, Vijay learned one important lesson and that is to go on the path that others avoid today he uses this practice as his tried and tested business formula. “I work on this theory of providing a solution to sectors that others don’t venture into it thinking it’s trivial, that may not get the big money, but what they missed is the opportunity that opens Pandora’s box of big business along the way,” said Vijay. According to Vijay, there is no work small and big, “When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I used to do everything myself, like all the selling, consultancy, software implementation, and maintenance. Some of my earliest customers were impressed that I was also able to speak to them about their business from not just the software solution perspective but also from a strategic perspective and they started coming up and asking “What else can you do?” This way I started working on new avenues and one thing led to another “There is a saying ‘Rome was not built in a day and I must say that it takes lots of hard work, intelligence, and persistence to build a global business empire. I had fun, lots of fun along the way.”

Geography is Now History

Today Vijay has more than 10 Fortune-500 companies on board Reliance Retail being one of the prominent ones from India. “If you are a vendor to Reliance Trends in India then you have to log into a Tangentia Portal to receive purchase orders, send their invoices,” said Vijay adding, that Jaguar Land-Rover in the UK is another big global customer “It was one of biggest automation projects in the world that saved around 100 million dollars for them.” One of our core values is that “Geography is now history” i.e. location does not matter anymore with the world connected with invisible wires. “We have dreamed of becoming a global company and currently we are a 300-people company and in 2025 we aim to be a 1000-people company with 100-Million (750 Crore) in revenue.”

Aim for Impact

According to Vijay, a growing company does not mean only increasing manpower but to create a dent (impact) in the universe. “Our motto is ‘Aim for Impact’, i.e. don’t do just the projects, but create an impact in the marketplace. Let me share a small story with you. There is a province called Ontario in Canada and in 2015, the premier (CM) of the state went on announcing in November that there will be a beer in grocery stores before Christmas. It was a great start because until then people had no option but to buy the beer from only government liquor stores. It was very short notice and there was a need of building an entirely new supply chain, ordering system, connecting the vendors with suppliers, shipping, tracking, and invoicing all in just 6 weeks. They went to all the big software solution companies like IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte and everybody turned down their offer saying it cannot be done in 6 weeks but I grabbed this opportunity saying we (Tangentia) will do it, and we worked day and night 24X7, and we delivered in 6 weeks making record time, and today even after 8 years, we run the entire supply chain for Beer, Wine, and Cider in the province of Ontario,” he added.

“This is called making an impact. Today you go anywhere in Ontario and people say that you are the guys (Tangentia) who made life better for us. That makes me feel happy and proud,” said Vijay adding that don’t just do a project- do something that will make an impact. “Tangentia is not the cheapest solution provider in the market, we are at times more expensive than TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and Tech Mahindra, but we have the agility, expertise, and time-bound delivery systems in place that make our solutions superior. We provide comparable world-class service but are more value-priced than the global consulting majors like Accenture, Deloitte, and KPMG.”

The Birth of Jigyasa Quiz

Today Vijay runs a quiz brand called Jigyasa which is the only one in India. “I was always into the quizzing right from my school days, and when I joined Satyam Computers, I came across the Internet Revolution that changed my whole perspective,” said Vijay adding that Satyam had 40 thousand employees. It was there that he started a quiz called “Jigyasa” in 1999. The name Jigyasa was suggested by one of my colleagues, Susmita Gupta, who suggested the name Jigyasa (which means inquisitiveness), and I decided to take up that name for the quiz. It started as an email quiz initially as we used to email the quiz once in a week to everybody. It was just amongst 150 people who used to send the answers and then we had a prize for the winners. Slowly the numbers started growing so next time we sent it to 5000 people. The growth really caught up with us and finally, we decided to send it to everyone at Satyam, which means 40 thousand people, and in the bargain, the server crashed! And that was the end of the story. The Satyam technical network team banned Jigyasa ”

It was in the year 2017 that Vijay decided, now it was time to create a brand out of the Jigyasa Quiz. “By this time we had some funds from Tangentia to pump into the “Jigyasa Brand” and to bring value to what we were doing all this while as a hobby. Initially, it started from Goa, and then we went national quite soon after. This year, we had the best of the teams from across the country participating in the quiz. The teams from IIT and IIMs participated in Jigyasa Quiz. Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz is now a permanent fixture on the Indian quizzing circuit (similar to the Formula One Circuit) with top teams ensuring that they keep this time open every year to participate,” said Vijay, adding that there are many event management companies who approached him to take up the Jigyasa Quiz but he did not go for it for the simple reason that he himself loves to do this. “It is a hobby for me and I enjoyed doing it myself.”

The VC

Vijay always saw an opportunity in everything and this trait of his made him a well-known Venture Capitalist(VC) in the business circles in Canada and India with his Tangentia Ventures company. “I was the round one investor in the company called Ixigo, which went public recently, and although I exited earlier, it was my first entry into the VC and I learned a lot from that experience and decided to try my hand out at getting organized and investing in more companies. It was in the year 2019 that we invested in a Kerala-based company Cycloides and later on we bought the entire company. One of my investments is Dogspot. which is one of India’s top pet portals” I am very proud to say that Tangentia Ventures has a higher stake in that company as compared to Ratan Tata who is also an investor.”

Vijay is planning to set up a Tangentia Ventures Fund, wherein people will invest money into start-ups and scalable projects, and whatever returns come in, will be distributed amongst the investors. “We will work like a private bank, funding company. We are in the process of raising the money for this purpose,” said Vijay adding, “Let me share one last story with you. During Covid, we invested in a couple of companies and one of them was a laundry business in Toronto. While doing the laundry, they also started providing stitching services and then one thing led to another and they started making masks and gowns for the hospitals. They had only limited space so I decided to invest in this company today this company is known as Clean Planet and it is the largest manufacturer of isolation hospital gowns in Canada wherein they make 200,000 gowns a week. This is one of the best investments that Tangentia did wherein the company had scaled up from nowhere to the biggest company in Canada.” Vijay has a plan of entering this segment in a big way in the near future and he is sure of creating that change in the society.

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Recession-Proofing Your Workforce with Digital Workers

Recession-Proofing Your Workforce with Digital WorkersRecession-Proofing Your Workforce with Digital Workers

Recession-Proofing Your Workforce with Digital Workers

In the 2008 recession, many workers turned to self-employment as a way to maintain their income. It was the beginning of the gig economy, with companies hiring freelancers and contract workers to supplement their workforce and keep costs down.

Now, with the economy poised on the brink of another recession—a 60% likelihood according to Morgan Stanley—and with revenues down and inflation up, numerous companies are changing their approach to hiring and even reducing their workforce in some cases.

But this time around, companies have a new option when it comes to supplementing their workforce and keeping costs down—the use of digital workers.

What Are Digital Workers?

Digital workers are automated software programs that use robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to perform repetitive tasks that normally take human workers hours to complete. The goal with digital workers is to automate end-to-end business functions in the front-office and back-office so they get done more efficiently and accurately at a lower cost.

How Digital Workers Can Help

How Digital Workers Can Help

Digital workers can do the work of human workers in a fraction of the time, without human error, either working autonomously or alongside human workers. This frees up people to focus on higher-value tasks and it makes it possible for a company to retrain their existing human workforce so they can fill other roles within the organization.

This reduces the need to hire new workers and makes it easier to keep current staff employed in other areas of the company. It also increases overall productivity and innovation, without increasing costs and the results of this approach speak for themselves. They include:

  • Avoiding the costs that come with new hires
  • Avoiding the need to layoff or furlough employees
  • Providing employees with the opportunity to grow and develop
  • Improving workplace culture
  • Streamlining day-to-day processes
  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Improving cash flow
  • Minimizing disruption to business operations
  • Increasing sustainability

Many companies are making these changes. According to the World Economic Forum, over 80% of business executives are pushing ahead of schedule with their plans to digitize work processes. In addition, 50% of employers expect to speed up the automation of at least some of the roles within their organizations.

The Time to Thrive Is Now

Instead of worrying about how to make it through the next recession, it’s time to come up with a digital strategy that will make it easy not only to survive but to thrive. Digital workers have the power to reinforce your workforce, so you can maintain operations without compromise—and without increasing costs. Instead, you will be able to do more with less and you will maintain your competitive advantage.

Take control of your workforce needs. Reach out to a Tangentia team member today and find out how we can help you recession-proof your business with digital worker technology.

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Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients’ End-to-End Automation with IDP

tangentia verified services partnerTangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients' End-to-End Automation with Intelligent Document Processing

Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients' End-to-End Automation with Intelligent Document Processing

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 20, 2022 — Tangentia, a global leader in digital transformation solutions, recently announced its partnership with Parascript, a company that has been automating processes for over 25 years. Parascript software processes over 100 billion documents every year.

This new technology partnership with Parascript will allow Tangentia to improve processing efficiency and automate tasks such as object recognition and classification, including optical character recognition and handwriting recognition, motion analysis, scene reconstruction, and image restoration. These tasks can support controlling robotized processes, navigation, event detection, organizing information, and automatic inspection. As a result, Tangentia clients can potentially save billions of dollars by reducing spending on document processing by up to 95%

Tangentia has recently announced the expansion of its North American sales and leadership team. The company has a goal of becoming the leading player in the global Intelligent Automation Market. With the technology partnership with Parascript, a company based in Colorado, US, Tangentia has a robust solution offering, especially in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare verticals.

Vijay Thomas, the CEO of Tangentia, opines, “The partnership with Parascript will open new avenues to Tangentia’s service offerings. Our customers will see the value for areas like fraud detection and handwritten document processing.”

Dr. Alexander Filatov, the CEO and President of Parascript adds, “Parascript creates best-in-class AI software that analyzes over 100 billion documents annually and automates key tasks for financial services, government agencies, and the healthcare industry through our many different machine learning techniques. By partnering with Tangentia we are able to create transcendent solutions for our clients’ needs.”

About Tangentia

Tangentia is a world-leading provider of digital transformation solutions with offices in the USA, Canada, and India. Our teams are located in 5 continents and 34+ countries, offering a “think global, act local” approach to the solutions we provide. We have built a roster of 1000+ customers in 34 countries and 13 Fortune 500 customers, 10 billion USD in SaaS transactions. Tangentia is a platinum partner of IBM and a Verified Services Partner of Automation Anywhere. In addition, other major partnerships include Microsoft, Salesforce, BluePrism, UiPath, Google AI & AWS.
Tangentia is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified with robust and defined procedures in place to ensure all the services are delivered with quality, transparency & guaranteed information security.

About Parascript

Parascript sells not just software, but they sell actual, verifiable results that save companies over $1B annually. Customers choose Parascript when they want to use applied AI to achieve an optimized data capture solution with the highest levels of reliable automation. From the best-in-class full-page handwriting recognition and the industry’s highest-performing check data extraction to intelligent APIs that detect fraud, Parascript APIs enable businesses to focus on their core software, offloading document automation to someone you trust. Parascript has the highest quality for document automation on unstructured documents, which includes handwriting, signature verification, and financial solutions to complex problems, all of which are solved simply with Parascript automation. Parascript has over three decades of experience applying AI to solve complex problems, automating document-oriented processes that involve over 100 billion documents each year. We have automated the postal industry, commercial mailrooms, government elections, payments, and hundreds of other processes.

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