The future of IoT has the potential to be limitless.

IoT will continue to form the backbone of many technologies that change the way we all live.

How the Internet of Things impacts businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the ever-growing collection of devices — ranging from smartphones to sensor-equipped manufacturing robots — that are interconnected via the internet. Thanks to this interconnection, they can send and receive data — a capability that facilitates a wide range of actions in both everyday life and in business. IoT is so popular that by 2025, the analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC) predict that more 55.7 billion connected devices will be in the marketplace, with 75 percent of them connected to an IoT platform.

Why TiA IoT?

Leverage IoT for Your Business
Digitize Your Supply Chain

Digitize Your Supply Chain

IoT devices can automatically track the location of each product, so you know where they are in real-time, and avoid the risk of human error in records. By tracking the path of your trucks, railcars, or vessels, IoT can also identify when a transport asset is being under or overutilized, and even calculate the most efficient transport route.

IoT and Smart Factories

IoT and Smart Factories

As well as optimising the supply chain, IoT devices are transforming the factory. Smart sensors, actuators, and chips are allowing modern manufacturers to record, capture and analyse critical information about their production assets and resources.

IoT and Asset Management

IoT and Asset Management

With smart sensors and the right software, manufacturers can monitor the health of their equipment remotely. This is done by creating a digital twin, a virtual representation of a machine. Digital twins make it easier to visualise problems, as well as run simulations of what will happen in certain scenarios.

Expand your presence

Expand your presence

From smarter marketing campaigns keeping you connected to your clients to better communications with all members of your workforce, IoT allows your business to expand its presence both with consumers and employees.

Step Up Your IoT Game with TiA & Tangentia’s Autonomous Enterprise

Why Tangentia?

At Tangentia, we have decades of experience in the automation and app development space. Our trusted team of product engineers can work with you to ensure:
  • A cross-platform approach that integrates legacy and cloud technologies
  • Your involvement with every step of the development process
  • On-time delivery that falls within budget and meets all project deadlines

Enhance your product development with…

  • An iterative approach that gets it into the hands of your customers faster
  • Product customization that is based on your core business strategies
  • Customer-centric design that ensures your focus is always where it needs to be

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