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What is OMS?

Order Management Systems are a very important part of modern business. The successful administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services can mean the difference between success and failure.
OMS’s provide updated inventory information, vendor database, customer database, customer records of returns and refunds, billing and payments information, order processing records, and general ledger information.


Cloud-based solution – no annual costs, maintenance costs or licence costs

Integration with ERP/Accounting and /WMS Systems

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Shipping services integration

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eCommerce platform integration

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Shipping label printing and lot number tracking

24*7 production support, with 7 AM to 7 PM helpdesk support

Why Tangentia OMS

  • Tangentia OMS, from the Tangentia Gateway solution stack, makes order management easy for businesses. Tangentia OMS allows consolidation of info across multiple channels, and help automate and streamline order processing. The idea of automation is very attractive but not always easy to achieve. The more complicated your supply chain, the more customization your system will likely require.
  • Hence, it is very important that all of your critical data is well-organized and managed in an easy to access way. Tangentia’s OMS integration capabilities make it easy to connect with your other internal business applications, such as ERP systems, shipping systems and eCommerce platforms.

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