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Introducing TiA for Oil & Gas

TiA is an AI platform that can transform communications within Oil & Gas. This intelligent chatbot technology uses natural language capabilities to provide workers and customers with the information they need when they need it, no matter where they are located.

Who is TiA?

TiA is a revolutionary AI platform that is powered by IBM Watson and developed by Tangentia’s team of experienced AI experts. TiA has been specifically designed to meet the information and data needs of Oil & Gas workers and customers.

What is TiA Capable of?

Providing 24/7 support in a conversational manner
Searching your database and website for information
Learning from interactions and improving over time

TiA’s Impact on
Oil & Gas

  • Making field work easier

    Provide on-demand support for workers in the office or the field

  • Easing the transition for new hires

    Ensure information access and virtual learning for new hires

  • Improving the customer experience

    Interact with customers to improve their overall experience

TiA’s AI Capabilities

TiA packed full of innovative features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your Oil & Gas company, providing remarkable benefits for your workers and customers.

Hands-Free Voice Command

Hands-Free Voice Command

TiA chatbots features voice commands that allows workers to ask questions, call for help, access real-time data, & more without having to stop what they’re doing. This leads to increased productivity.

Get New-Hires Up to Speed

Get New-Hires Up to Speed

TiA is capable of maintaining a historical repository of a company information, making it readily accessible for new hires. New hires can access training material & information on the latest developments in the organization.

Solve Complex Problems On-the-Go

Solve Complex Problems On-the-Go

Field operators performing maintenance work often run into problems. Operators can provide details about the problem & TiA can analyze that unstructured data to find workable solutions based on archived information and expertise.

Provide Customer Support

Provide Customer Support

With it's natural language capabilities, TiA can provide customer-facing services like answering questions, providing specific product information, & make tailored product suggestions.

Interested in learning more about how TiA can help you transform your Oil & Gas communications?

Interested in learning more about how TiA can help you transform your Oil & Gas communications?

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia has automation experience that spans decades, providing us with unique insight on how AI chatbots can be customized to meet their unique needs of Oil & Gas companies.
Trusted IBM partner

Tangentia has partnered with IBM to provide the most up-to-date cloud-based solutions using a SaaS model. This makes it easy for you to access the features you need in an infrastructure you can trust.

24/7 Support

We have offices in Canada, the U.S. and India to ensure you can access the support you need any time of day. We are always just a mouse click or a phone call away.

Enterprise-Grade Quality

We have spend decades providing revolutionary EDI services, creating customized, scalable solutions for our customers and advancing innovation in our field.

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