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IBM Watson
IBM Watson provides your company with a sophisticated AI tool that can help you harness the power of AI technologies. Put your data to work for you with a solution that is more efficient, protects your data, and re-imagines your workflows.

What Is Tangentia AI?

Tangentia Artificial Intelligence (AI) services can help your organization automate processes and gain new insights from your data. Leverage our full suite of AI capabilities from machine learning, language processing (NLP), speech recognition and more today.

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Level With IBM Watson

AI technologies can drastically improve the way you utilize your data and the decisions you make. Find out why IBM Watson is an industry-leading solution.

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Accelerate Research and Discovery

Your data plays an important role in your research and discovery process. Why not leverage IBM Watson to improve that process from top to bottom? Tangentia can improve the way you access your data, providing you with all the insights you need to make smarter decisions for your business.

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Powerful Business Intelligence

How does your organization approach decision making? IBM Watson can enhance the way your company makes decisions by training your systems to make meaningful recommendations based on the data they see, simpliflying how you identify and respond to problems that may disrupt your workflows.

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Scale on Your Terms

IBM Watson is built in the cloud, so your integration can scale with your business as it grows. This platform also provides your organization with a powerful tool that offers your employees valuable insights, expertise, and other institutional lessons.

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Reduce Liabilities and Risk

No business can escape risk—but with IBM Watson—you can reduce your exposure. IBM Watson lets you train your systems to better understand changing regulations, privacy obligations, and other key areas that impact the security of your business, its employees, and customers.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey

We document the current state process through job shadowing and install the RPA tool in a single environment. We demo the PoC to the stakeholders and record a ‘before and after’ to showcase the value added. Documentation also includes key learnings, point of view on key questions and next steps.

17 Years of Award-Winning Partnership with IBM

Tangentia is an IBM Business Platinum Partner that resells licences to SME and Enterprise businesses delivering end-customer solutions built on IBM Technology.

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IBM Engineers

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100+ Global IBM
Success Stories

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17 Years of
Platinum Partnership

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