IBM Sterling File Gateway

Tangentia | IBM Sterling File Gateway

File transfers have become increasingly complex in a world where businesses must maintain compliance, protect sensitive data, and be aware of cyber-security threats.
File transfer infrastructure consists of numerous tools and servers that don’t always provide your company with the ability to effectively manage transfers, monitor failed transfers, and track how they impact your revenue.
Tangentia | IBM Sterling File Gateway

Manage edge-based file transfers with a scalable and centralized gateway

IBM Sterling’s File Gateway is a centralized platform that allows you to manage, monitor, and route large volumes of inbound and outbound files. The platform uses a scalable architecture and is protocol and file type agnostic, providing enhanced transparency with your trading partners.

Discover Why IBM Sterling File Gateway
is an Industry-Leading Solution

IBM Sterling File Gateway gives your business control over file transfers through a scalable and secure edge-based platform.

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IBM Platinum Partner

Tangentia is a platinum partner with IBM and we can help you procure, configure, deploy, and manage any IBM Sterling solution. Our team has extensive expertise and can provide you with all the guidance and support you need to get the most value out of the IBM Sterling File Gateway.

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Increased Visibility

Improve fle visibility by giving your trading partners access to a self-service portal where they can upload and download in a secure environment. Maintain greater visibility over files, use real-time monitoring, and take advantage of event-driven notifications to improve response times and keep your customers satisfied.

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Reduced Costs and Improved Efficiency

Standardize fle transfers using reliable and secure processes that will boost your efficiency. The IBM Sterling File Gateway streamlines transfer activity through real-time monitoring and intelligent routing, leading to an agile file transfer and delivery process that will reduce strain on your IT teams.

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Accelerate Revenue Opportunities

Get your partners onboarded and up to speed quickly with a built-in onboarding wizard. The IBM Sterling File Gateway uses scalable architecture that lets you create group-based controls and standardize processes to reduce the amount of input required with your trading partners.

Why Tangentia for Your Next IBM Project?

For the last 20 years Tangentia has been recognized as an IBM Business Platinum Partner. During this time we have delivered IBM solutions to over a 1000+ customers worldwide.

Tangentia | IBM Sterling File Gateway
Tangentia is committed to the IBM relationship and continues to invest in our teams capabilities through training and IBM certifications.
As a trusted IBM solution provider and reseller you can feel confident your EDI, B2B or AI project will exceed your organizations expectations, be delivered on time and within budget.

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