IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Simplify your B2B Integration Processes with IBM

What is your organization doing to ensure that your B2B integrations are improving the flow of your essential data? Your company may rely on complex B2B integrations for your Electronic Data Interchange systems, to ensure that essential B2B solutions are able to communicate, and for a variety of other reasons.

What can an industry-leading B2B integration solution do for you?

The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is a powerful B2B gateway that provides companies with a scalable and secure solution that’s always available for complex B2B integrations and all your EDI needs. This highly-customizable solution consolidates the flow of information across your B2B value chain and trading partner networks through a single, accessible gateway.

Take Your Company to the Next Level
With IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Tangentia has all the resources you need to get the most out of IBM Sterling’s B2B Integrator. Let our team show you how you can create powerful B2B integrations that enhance your business efficiency and core operations

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Get Help From an IBM Platinum Business Partner

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, Tangentia understands the complexities of adapting the Sterling B2B Integrator for businesses with a variety of different needs. We help with everything from assessing your B2B requirements, designing and implementing an optimized solution, to end-to-end integration.

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Streamline Your Business Processes

The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator streamlines your business processes. Every B2B solution we implement uses RESTful APIs, customized services, adapters, and more. These solutions are designed to improve how you connect with business partners, no matter where they are located, their size, or the technology they use.

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Customized EDI Solutions

The implementation of complex EDI solutions varies from business to business. Tangentia collaborates closely with businesses to design and implement solutions that cater to your needs by focusing on solving core issues. We help you create processes that automate the entire “Buy-Sell-Ship-Pay” process.

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Integration and Updates

Tangentia provides ongoing B2B integration support services,performance optimization, health checks, and more. We simplify how you access essential upgrades, updates, maintenance, and integration. Our end-to-end integration and managed services ensure that your company is never behind the curve.

Why Tangentia for Your Next IBM Project?

For the last 17 years Tangentia has been recognized as an IBM Business Platinum Partner. During this time we have delivered IBM solutions to over a 1000+ customers worldwide.
Tangentia is committed to the IBM relationship and continues to invest in our teams capabilities through training and IBM certifications.
As a trusted IBM solution provider and reseller you can feel confident your EDI, B2B or AI project will exceed your organizations expectations, be delivered on time and within budget.

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