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Meet Team Tangentia at ‘Think Toronto’
Think on Tour is a series of exclusive, invite-only, in-person event experiences held in cities around the world. Here’s your opportunity to connect with our Tangentia Team in Toronto. The event will explore data and AI, cybersecurity, and business modernization with hybrid cloud – all through the lens of real local stories.
See you on June 2, 2022 in Toronto!

Women in Tech
The overall representation of women in tech has grown over the past few years, from under 26% to nearly 29%.
Impact Dialogues
Impact Dialogues is coming soon to a city near you.
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Economic Times CIO Annual Conclave 2022
Thank you so much for visiting the Tangentia booth. It was great connecting with you all.
We’ve had an exciting experience at the ETCIO Annual Conclave in Goa, India, from 27 – 29 May 2022
Please don’t hesitate to connect with our team on LinkedIn- Rajhans Gupta, Nikhil Kawale, Sonia Kuncalienker, and Deepak Tickoo or drop out your email at if you have missed a chance to connect with us.
Impact Dialogues Ep 2: Digital Workers- The New Paradigm, Learn at Breakfast.
It was great to have you all at the Impact Dialogues Ep 2: Digital Workers- The New Paradigm, Learn at Breakfast.
We would love to connect with you at our Impact Dialogues Episode 3
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Tangentia and IBM Virtual Process Mining & Wine Event
Join us to learn how Tangentia and IBM can help your business accelerate its automation goals and know more about how successful businesses are using intelligent automation to evolve their businesses and gain market share.
Take Your Career Leap Now
Tangentia is growing fast!
Join us for the journey and be part of a team. If you’re a fast starter and ready to take on new challenges, we would love to speak with you today!
Send us your resume at or check open positions on our careers page.
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Women in Tech: Boosting Innovation and Profitability

Women in Tech: Boosting Innovation and Profitability Women in Tech: Boosting Innovation and Profitability

Women in Tech: Boosting Innovation and Profitability

More and more women are entering the tech industry every day, and their presence is being noticed. And while it’s no secret that gender equality in the workplace has been hard-won for women, progress is being made. The overall representation of women in tech has grown over the past few years, from under 26% to nearly 29%. Of course, this means there is plenty of room to grow, and there is good reason for companies to increase their gender diversity.

Gender diverse companies see better results

According to McKinsey, research has proven that companies with gender-diverse teams are more innovative. This is because diversity makes these teams better able to anticipate changes in what consumers need and want in their technology products, ensuring new products and services are continually being created to meet market demand. Ultimately, this makes diverse companies more competitive.

McKinsey also reports that gender diversity increases a company’s profitability. In 2019, companies in the top 25% for gender diversity had a 25% greater chance of reaching above-average profitability. When it comes to women in executive roles, companies with the most gender diversity were 48% more profitable than those with the least gender diversity.

Add to the above benefits of innovation and profitability, there are a whole host of other benefits to having gender-diverse tech teams. These include:

  • A bigger talent pool from which to pull qualified tech workers
  • More vision and greater problem-solving skills, for improved decision-making at all levels of the company
  • Improved employee satisfaction and motivation
  • A better company image on a regional, national and international level

How to embrace gender diversity in tech

Women in Tech

Increasing gender diversity within a company means bringing women onboard at every level. For startups, this means hiring women in leadership roles, as well as other roles within the company, right from inception. This sets a precedent for gender diversity within the company.

Established companies can begin hiring more women in all roles and promoting women to all levels of management. The value of women seeing other women in management roles will only help to increase gender diversity because it will encourage more women to apply for jobs.

Other ways companies can increase gender equality in the workplace is to:

  • Increase their recruitment of women from universities, colleges, and other sources
  • Assign strategic, high-value tasks to the women they employ, making sure they are able to contribute to the innovation and success of the company in a concrete way
  • Create a culture of inclusion to eliminate discrimination in the workplace
  • Provide equitable compensation at all levels within the company
  • Support a work-life balance that makes it easier for women to juggle the responsibilities of work and home

Tangentia’s commitment to women in tech

At Tangentia, we are committed to gender equality and supporting women in tech. This is why we have worked hard to reach a 50% representation of women in all roles and at all levels within our company. Plus, we have received the Great Place To Work India Award for 2022.

One of the amazing women we have working at Tangentia is Ashwini Hedge, Practice Head of Delivery and Automation. Ashwini is an integral part of our team, working closely with her colleagues and with clients to achieve the very best results. In addition, Ashwini does public speaking events highlighting automation and the future of the workplace.

If you are interested in applying for a position at Tangentia, visit our career page to view the opportunities we have available. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Monthly Tangentia Byte April 2022

  • Tangentia Byte April 2022Tangentia Byte April 2022

    Monthly Tangentia Byte
    April 2022

Meet TiA GenD- The Next Generation of Digital Workers
Efficiency in business is all about making the most out of your workforce. The Tangentia Intelligent Automation (TiA) Digital Worker is a state-of-the-art digital workforce that is made up of digital workers that come pre-programmed with a wide variety of industry-standard processes that can integrate smoothly with any businesses system.
Tangentia will train these digital workers, program them to learn from experience, and train your employees to work alongside them.

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Automation Is Helping Retain Employees Despite the Great Resignation
There are many ways automation can be used to improve the employee experience, resulting in a happier and more engaged employee. Read the article to know how automation can help you in retaining employees.
Bot Games – Season 2,
Automation Anywhere 2022
A shout out to the Tangentia Automation team for showing the power of teamwork using technology & innovation and making an impact in the first week of Automation Anywhere Bot Games with some great results.
It has been great meeting with you all at the 7th Annual Digitization in Oil and Gas Canada Conference in Calgary.
If you missed a chance to connect with us, please don’t hesitate to send a connection request or drop out a message on LinkedIn or book a meeting with George Bennett, Vice President of Business Development at Tangentia, and Robert Lye, Vice President & Chief Evangelist – Automation at Tangentia.
We are Excited to Announce that Tangentia Karwar & Tangentia Belgaum offices are officially Open Now
As a part of Tangentia’s ‘Ghar Wapsi’ Talent Hunt Strategy Plan, we are presenting the opportunity to talented technology professionals to return to their roots by working with us.
Check out our careers page for more opportunities
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