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API & Integrations

Connect and integrate your applications and data – quickly, securely, and reliably.

Future proof your organization with seamless and secure integration across systems
The world is moving at an accelerated pace. As a result of advances in technology, partners and customers have developed an expectation of immediacy in every aspect of their lives – and instantaneous access to information. When this expectation is directed toward business transactions, any delay is at best a disappointment, or more seriously, considered failure to perform to anticipated standards.

Tangentia API & Integration Solutions

Connectivity is critical. As a result, companies are under pressure to change the way they conduct operations. Regardless of the channel, data source, or application being used, huge volumes of information need to move as rapidly, seamlessly, and accurately as possible. Then it needs to be effectively integrated and made accessible to individuals and applications that need it.

With Tangentia, easily connect applications and data across cloud and hybrid cloud environments to execute an agile integration strategy, improve customer experiences, and accelerate digital transformation.

Improve performance with valuable, end-to-end integration benefits

Tangentia | API and Integrations

Reduce the time & complexity of integrating

your applications, data sources, supply chain, and partner ecosystem so you can get to market faster.

Tangentia | API and Integrations

Rapidly deliver innovative services

by bridging channels and delivery models with back-end applications. You’ll create customer- and employee-facing applications that enable great experiences and outcomes.

Tangentia | API and Integrations

Share services and extend business processes

across and outside the enterprise to engage partners, customers, and suppliers.

Tangentia | API and Integrations

Help ensure data integrity

by securing the delivery of files, messages, and services between businesses and applications, preventing costly breaches that could damage your reputation.

Tangentia | API and Integrations

Harness the Internet of Things

through solutions designed to deliver scalable, reliable, and real-time, event-driven interactions. You’ll improve the management and analysis of your assets and develop new ways to improve your bottom line.

Integration and API Solutions

API Management

Optimize how you create, run, manage, and secure your APIs with full-lifecycle API management solutions.

Application Integration

Share data in meaningful ways between your applications – quickly and securely – regardless of application type, protocol, or message format.

Cloud Integration

Connect your systems and applications between clouds and on-premise environments seamlessly.

Tangentia | API and Integrations

Why Tangentia?

At Tangentia, we have decades of experience in the automation and app development space. Our trusted team of product engineers can work with you to ensure:
  • A cross-platform approach that integrates legacy and cloud technologies
  • Your involvement with every step of the development process
  • On-time delivery that falls within budget and meets all project deadlines

Supercharge your API's and integrations with Tangentia Autonomous Enterprise

Learn more about how Tangentia can help you unleash the power of your data and applications through integration and APIs