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Google AI simplifies how your organization accesses complex AI solutions. The entire Google AI platform is developer friendly, easy to manage, and lets your organization drive more value out of your automation solutions.

Experience Flexible AI Development With Google AI

Google AI simplifies the process of taking your ideas and turning them into fully developed automation solutions through an intuitive integrated toolchain. Google AI supports Kubeflow, Google’s open-source platform, and more, so you can take advantage of powerful technology like TPUs, TensorFlow, and TFX tools.

How to Leverage AI

AI Platforms
Gain access to insights with Tangentia AI Powered Platforms.
Intelligent Applications
Integrate AI into your core business applications and unlock business intelligence.
AI for Transformation
Use AI to drive digital transformation with intelligent applications and solutions.

Why Google AI for Your Organization?

Find out how Tangentia can help you design, build, implement, and support any solution created through Google AI.

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Flawless Data Preparation

Google AI makes it easy for you to label your training data through classifcation, object detection, entity extraction, and more. Tangentia can ensure that your data training sets are suitable for the AI solutions you’re looking to create.

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Intuitive Development Process

Build and develop machine learning applications using a managed Jupyter Notebook service that gives you access
to fully confgured environments for a variety of machine learning frameworks.

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Powerful Management Console

Quickly manage and track all of your automation solutions through an AI Platform interface that links directly to the GCP console, your on-premise solution, or another cloud provider, making it easier for you to keep business users informed.

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Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Any AI solutions developed through Google AI will require frequent updates and maintenance. The Tangentia team
can step in and maintain your automation solutions, provide support, and develop a framework for educating your

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