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Microsoft AI is a powerful AI platform that provides your organization with all the tools it needs to create robust AI applications, processes, and more on its path to AI and RPA integrations.

Discover the True Potential of AI With Microsoft AI

Explore all the opportunities AI has to offer with an AI infrastructure created by one of the largest tech companies in the world. Microsoft AI provides your organization with enhanced AI capabilities that will help you gather meaningful insights, make better decisions, and keep your company positioned to capitalize on evolving technology trends

How to Leverage AI

AI Platforms
Gain access to insights with Tangentia AI Powered Platforms.
Intelligent Applications
Integrate AI into your core business applications and unlock business intelligence.
AI for Transformation
Use AI to drive digital transformation with intelligent applications and solutions.

Why Microsoft AI for Your Organization?

Find out how Tangentia can help you start your next digital transformation in AI with access to our team of experienced developers and AI experts as you design, implement, and scale your organization for future growth

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AI App Development and Maintenance

Not sure where to start with your next AI project? Tangentia has years of experience developing, implementing, and maintaining complex AI solutions built using Microsoft AI, Google AI, Amazon AI, and other industry-leading platforms.

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Scale With Ease

AI technology provides your company with a diverse set of tools that will drive signifcant business growth. Microsoft AI is an infnitely scalable solution that your company can use to future-proof your business processes, access automation, and more.

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Create an AI CoE

Your company must make AI a part of its culture. Tangentia can help your company create and implement a successful AI Centre of Excellence that will provide your employees with access to all the information they need to get the most of your AI implementations.

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Access Industry-Leading Technology

Microsoft’s AI solution is developed by one of the most recognized tech companies in the world. Tangentia can help you get the most value out of the diverse set of features that Microsoft has to offer.

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