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Rethink the Way You Manage
Your Back-Office Processes

Introducing TiA for the
Automotive Industry

TiA is an AI platform that can completely transform the dealer experience. Every time you make a sale, TiA bots can accelerate back-office processes that the human workforce typically struggles with. The result? Fewer hassles and faster service you can be proud of.

Who is TiA?

Developed by Tangentia’s team of experienced AI experts, TiA is an innovative AI platform that has been specifically designed to automate the back-end tasks that can bog down the functionality of a dealership.
  • Accelerating processes that take time and effort to complete manually
  • Accessing data from multiple systems and uploading it to the correct portal
  • Automatically filling out forms and making required payments

TiA’s Impact on the Automotive Industry

Making back-office tasks easier
Your workforce no longer has to deal with processing overwhelming amounts of data for each new sale
Improving the customer experience
Customers get through the process of buying a vehicle faster and easier
Saving time and money
See significant savings in terms of time and money by automating tasks that are laborious for humans

Meet the TiA Automotive Bots

TiA bots come equipped with many innovative features that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your dealership, providing remarkable benefits for your workers and customers. Take a look at what these bots can do for you.

Data Transfer Bot

A massive volume of data must be transferred during the sale of a vehicle. The Data Transfer Bot is designed to transfer data from temporary internal systems to automobile ERPs, such as Honda HiRise and Maruti DMS, then automatically send confirmation of the transfer to the user.

Vaahan Registration Bot

This bot is specifically designed to take care of the registration of both two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles. The Vaahan Bot can access all required vehicle and owner data from multiple locations and upload that data directly to the Vaahan registration portal.

FASTag Bot

The FASTag Bot is integrated with the financial institutions that issue FASTag for vehicles. The bot can access data from multiple sources, use it to automatically fill out the required FASTag forms on the financial institution’s portal and make the required FASTag payment.

This is just the beginning. There are additional TiA bots that can be customized to meet the many other needs of the automotive industry. Whether you need report generation, invoice processing, real-time monitoring of sales and service or other tasks done, there are bots designed to ease the burden and speed up processes, all while saving you money.

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Why Tangentia?

Tangentia has decades of automation experience. Having seen the industry grow and evolve, we have unique insight on how AI bots can be customized to meet the unique needs of the Automotive Industry.
Trusted IBM partner

Tangentia has partnered with IBM to provide the most up-to-date cloud-based solutions using a SaaS model. This makes it easy for you to access the features you need in an infrastructure you can trust.

24/7 Support

We have offices in Canada, the U.S. and India to ensure you can access the support you need any time of day. We are always just a mouse click or a phone call away.

Enterprise-Grade Quality

We have spend decades providing revolutionary EDI services, creating customized, scalable solutions for our customers and advancing innovation in our field.

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