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In order to successfully drive business and operational objectives, you need a deep understanding of your processes. When you have full visibility and understanding of your processes to empower your digital transformation.

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About Automation Anywhere | FortressIQ

FortressIQ is dedicated to helping organizations use AI responsibly and ethically to drive innovation and bring about change. With an experienced team who brings their passion to the work they do, FortressIQ is bringing together the latest developments in AI with the power of human capabilities to transform the world and make it a better place.

Our Partnership with Automation Anywhere | FortressIQ

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in robotic process automation (RPA), is bringing FortressIQ into their family to help organizations improve their processes and speed their digital transformation. Our work together will leverage process discovery and mining to change they way our customers approach automation.

Automation Anywhere | FortressIQ Capabilities

FortressIQ, in partnership with Automation Anywhere, makes it possible for every employee to use real-time process data in everything they do, every interaction they have, and every decision they make. This brings process insights to light at a massive scale, empowering organizations to reap the full benefits of their digital transformation.
Increase Revenues

Faster Process Discovery

Increase the speed of process discovery by as much as 90% by capturing process data automatically via analysts, screenshots, questionnaires, and time and motion studies, eliminating the need to capture process data manually.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Expand Process Visibility

Access and capture process data from across your entire organization, providing deep visibility into all your processes and enabling you to map those processes in detail to create a roadmap that will lead you to a successful digital transformation.

Boost Marketing ROI

Enhance Data Accuracy

Powerful data collection and modelling methods allows you to gather data-driven insights you can use to make strategic decisions that will help drive your organization toward achieving your business and operational goals.

Boost Marketing ROI

Improve Process Efficiency

Without the need for in-person analyst interviews, you can automatically and in real-time capture the actual methods used for securing process data, making it possible to avoid the need to reconfigure process changes so you can accelerate your digital transformation.

Improve Business Process Intellignce with Tangentia + Automation Anywhere | FortressIQ

Automation Anywhere | FortressIQ
Industry Solutions

Financial Services

Financial Services

Process discovery and mining provides financial institutions with a powerful tool that helps them get a detailed view of how their business operates at the process level, making it easier for them to pivot as needed, remain competitive, and meet growing customer demands in an increasingly volatile market.



With the need to do more with less, healthcare organizations can leverage deep insights into their processes to accelerate the automation of administration and clinical workflows, ultimately improving patient outcomes while optimizing the use of resources and reducing costs.



The retail industry faces increased consumer demand, alongside industry uncertainty, changes in safety mandates, and unstable supply chains, all challenges that can be overcome with a thorough understanding of business processes that will propel transformation and increase market competitiveness.

FortressIQ provides process discovery and process mining capabilities to organizations across a wide range of industries, making it easier for them to leverage organization-wide process data to improve outcomes and enhance the customer experience.

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Achieve Powerful Process Insights. Ignite Digital Transformation.

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