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My work experience with TangentiaMy work experience with Tangentia

My work experience with Tangentia

Amey Pednekar

Author: Amey Pednekar

My adventure with Tangentia began with campus placements for the 2021 batch. I was ecstatic to be hired at Tangentia as an RPA Developer — a technology that I was unfamiliar with it at the time. Working with a firm that branded itself “Agile Digital Transformation Company” piqued my interest.

Internship at Tangentia

Prior to joining Tangentia, I had the opportunity to work as a project intern with the RPA team, where I gained first-hand knowledge of RPA technology. My previous experience in RPA has given me confidence to work on the project Tangentia has assigned me.

As the project progressed, I was gaining more insights and knowledge about RPA technology. I’m impressed and fascinated with the benefits of RPA and how amazingly it automates the repetitive operations performed by humans. The identical operations get completed with extreme precision and in a fraction of the time by an RPA Bot.

During my internship, I gained a grasp of the project’s many phases. I learned about both the managerial and developmental elements of the project. Despite the fact that I was an intern, I was given early customer contact where I interacted with clients to obtain a better grasp of their needs.


I joined Tangentia in August 2021. Soon after, I began my training with Automation Anywhere, Tangentia’s RPA partner. During the session, I learned about many strategies for creating RPA Bots, automating procedures, and managing workflows in an enterprise. I got the opportunity to explore UiPath and Automation Anywhere RPA platforms.

My mentors and fellow developers helped and guided me through the process, as I got myself certified with the “Automation Anywhere Masters RPA Professional”.
The working environment at Tangentia is very tranquil and employees are easily approachable. Interacting with the people here has given me a sense of commitment, passion, and dedication towards what they do.

We succeed as a team at Tangentia. We share our knowledge, assist one another, innovate, and improve. The Tangentia Automation team assists organisations in automating their repetitive manual tasks, saving time, money, and other vital resources that will benefit the firm in the long run.

How do I see the future of RPA technology?

RPA has expanded at an exponential rate in recent years and is currently an increasing field in the industry. RPA is becoming more popular, and people are
devising new methods to use it because it promises to automate repetitive, manual processes with software robots.

How do I see the future of RPA professionals?

The future of Robotic Process Automation looks more promising than ever before. Today, every industry wants to be digitally transformed and readily deploy RPA. RPA service adoption has been showing tremendous growth so the demand of RPA developers and experts. There is no doubt in denying the fact that a major share of employment opportunities in the world will be created in the field of RPA.

Tangentia is creating hundreds of jobs in the RPA space. If you want to start your career in RPA or looking for new opportunities then Tangentia is a great place to be. Send your resume at or apply directly to the suitable opening.

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