Tangentia Offers Support for SWIFT 2020 Updates

Tangentia | Tangentia Offers Support for SWIFT 2020 Updates
  • Tangentia | Tangentia Offers Support for SWIFT 2020 Updates
    Tangentia | Tangentia Offers Support for SWIFT 2020 Updates

    Tangentia Offers Support for SWIFT 2020 Updates

SWIFT is a messaging network designed to facilitate the global transfer of funds. It works by sending electronic messages from one financial institution to another to notify them when a transfer of funds is made.

Each year, SWIFT updates its service based on changes requested by their customers. This update is the MT Standards release and it ensures the message types (MTs) exchanged by SWIFT users continue to meet their needs, both for existing businesses and new businesses.

The release for 2020 is called the Standards MT November 2020 and includes the following

  • Payments MTs to facilitate migration to the ISO 20022 Program and to ensure compliance with regulatory and FAFT requirements
  • Manual and automated solutions for mandatory payment confirmations
  • Support for additional security information to be transported in messages as per regulation
  • Support for local regulatory requirements
  • Support for local regulatory requirements
  • Increased structure to messages for both party fields and trade party fields
  • New features that offer support for changing business processes and new financial instruments
  • Clarification of definitions to ensure improved consistency in messages and improved automation
  • Changes agreed to during a fast-track maintenance process

Applying the changes in the SWIFT Standards Release Guide is mandatory for all financial institutions. However, making the required changes can be costly and it is important to balance that cost against the resulting benefits.

Tangentia can help with the update process, ensuring it is as efficient as possible and minimizes costs, while ensuring full compliance. We have extensive experience implementing SWIFT EDI gateways using solutions from IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX), IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, GXS, TIBCO and others.

Contact Tangentia for more information on SWIFT 2020 updates.

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