COVID-19: here’s what’s happening at Tangentia

Tangentia | COVID-19: here's what's happening at Tangentia
  • Tangentia | COVID-19: here's what's happening at Tangentia

    COVID-19: here's what's happening at Tangentia

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—it’s everywhere in the media and some of us might have already experienced it at close quarters. Similar to other companies, it’s impacting Tangentia, too.

We’re embracing this change of pace for the unique opportunities it’s providing. Our employees are adapting to the remote work lifestyle, with our Toronto employees saving an average of two hours on their daily commutes. We’re also encouraging our team to spend more time with their families, take up new hobbies, or join online courses. Overall, we are coming to a full week of ‘working from home’ (WFH – is our internal term for this), and there had been nothing but good reviews from our employees. We are beginning to wonder, why did we all not think of this earlier?

Business Continuity is the buzzword today. But for us to ensure that it is successful, a lot has to happen in the background. With our 150+ employees in Canada, USA and India who are working from home during the pandemic, we had to ensure that our phone systems remain accessible to all our clients securely from their homes, their laptops are securely connected to our network, and their accesses to our systems are well-governed and highly secured. White listing IP addresses of employees in our firewalls and our client firewalls was proactively initiated a little while ago, but we also had to make sure that the employees had global static IP’s on their internet as otherwise, the firewalls would not let them in. Suffice to say, a lot had to happen for us to successfully roll out our Business Continuity Plans around the COVID-19 pandemic. I am proud of our global teams’ seamless execution of our Business Continuity Plans that seem to be proven by this anecdote: We had a client who made an unplanned visit to our office, assuming that the people he was speaking to over the phone were in, when there was actually no one in the office as everybody had been instructed to work from home for health and safety concerns around COVID-19.

We at Tangentia had already embraced video conferencing, web conferencing and remote troubleshooting for a while now, and believe it or not, we even have some customers whom we have never met in person due to geographical distance. We have customers that have been using Tangentia B2B services such as Tangentia Gateway EDI platform for nearly 17 years, and have only interacted with them on the phone or seen them via Google Hangouts screen. We have hundreds of such customers globally, and we thank them for their trust. Our clients can continue to expect the same high-quality and rapid delivery cycle that our company is so well known for.

With the evolution of Tangentia over the last 17 years to an Agile Digital Transformation company and with establishing of the Tangentia Automation, Tangentia B2B and Tangentia Digital business units, we see the sudden pivot to remote work as a tremendous opportunity available to companies throughout the world.

As you know, Automation is in our blood even before the onset of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Robotic Process Automation(RPA). We are undoubtedly leaders in implementation of RPA solutions in Canada and India, and we are working with strategic partners like Automation Anywhere, IBM, Blueprism, UI Path, and others to ensure that the solution and platforms that we offer, allow our customers to not just surmount the challenges of COVID-19, but to strengthen their businesses to become more resilient to such challenges in the future, and provide them with a sustainable global competitive advantage.

Our goal is to empower our clients through a business continuity-first approach. Whether that’s through AI, RPA or EDI solutions, or in other ways — we understand the importance of ensuring that your everyday operations are running smoothly. With the Tangentia teams and solutions, you can rely upon enterprise-grade, fully resilient solutions and support. Once we ensure that business continuity is maintained, we will enable your business with RPA, B2B and Digital technologies. These will not just increase the resilience and agility of your business, but will ensure that when the dark cloud of COVID-19 and the recessionary trends lift, your business will be able to sprint forward with a lower cost structure and responsive systems and processes to leverage the new growth opportunities.

While the world we work in may be uncertain right now, I am confident that this will also pass and we will all be looking at growing our businesses in a short while from now.

In closing, to all our existing clients and potential new customers globally, the entire Tangentia team is here to support you with any questions or concerns that you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact me personally.

Stay safe & healthy everyone, and let’s take care of ourselves and each other.

Best wishes,

Vijay Thomas
CEO, Tangentia
Tangentia | COVID-19: here's what's happening at Tangentia

P.S. – I drove by the office yesterday and I must confess that we did miss assigning a task in our WFH strategy and that was watering the office plants. I took care of it and have put it on our list of things to do going forward 🙂

Tangentia | COVID-19: here's what's happening at Tangentia

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