Procure to Pay

  • Procure to Pay


  The Procure-to-Pay (P2P) is an end-to-end process starting with requisitioning goods and services and ending with making payments for them.

The 7 Steps Procure-to-Pay process involves:

  1. Raising the Purchase Order
  2. Vendor confirmation of Purchase Order
  3. Advanced Shipment Notice
  4. Receipt of Goods
  5. Submitting Documents to Finance
  6. Vendor sending Invoice to Customer
  7. Final Payment to Supplier

This apparently simple process can be complex due to legacy systems, and errors from manual entries, leading to unnecessary costs. Implementing an Procure-to-Pay cycle can provide an opportunity to bring efficiency to the process and save costs.

With Tangentia’s EDI, Automation, and Ecommerce services, we can provide a complete streamlined Procure-to-Pay process for the Global enterprise.

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