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Tangentia generates comprehensive value for its clients through the cultivation of resilience to change and the facilitation of organizational preparedness for the future. We seamlessly integrate industry expertise, innovative solutions, and implementation proficiency to unlock the complete potential of individuals across the entire enterprise, all empowered by the Workday platform. Tangentia collaborates with CHROs, CFOs, and CIOs to establish their digital core, optimize operational efficiency, and expedite the realization of value. Through the seamless coordination of Finance and HR data and planning capabilities within a unified system, organizations are better equipped to execute their strategic objectives and effectively navigate change. This includes ensuring the availability of the right skills and resources at the necessary times and locations to execute their business strategy.

What Is Workday?

Change happens fast, and ERP can’t keep up. Only Workday puts AI at the core of an open and connected system, so organizations of all sizes can make confident decisions faster, drive flawless business and financial operations, and empower your people for maximum performance.

Integrated solutions powered by Workday

The trusted combination of Workday’s flexible, breakthrough technology and Tangentia’s award-winning, outcome-centric business solutions helps you meet today’s challenges and evolve to meet future requirements. Explore how we can help you deliver better results faster below.

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Finance transformation

To keep up with the quickly evolving business environment, organizations need financial management tools that go beyond keeping the books to enabling business agility and innovation. Our Finance transformation solution powered by Workday provides a single digital platform that integrates with other aspects of your business and delivers visibility and powerful analytics to enable better business decisions and outcomes.

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Supply chain management

Benefit from a real-time view into back-office operations, and immediately answer questions about items, orders and suppliers. With the help of Tangentia and Workday, organizations can enhance reporting capabilities and improve supply chain management using pre-built, industry-specific process configurations, integrations and data conversion tools.

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HR transformation

With our HR transformation solution powered by Workday, we’ll help you implement a powerful digital integrated platform to apply your HR data to reach your business objectives. Workday also supports diversity and inclusion (D&I) planning with Workday Vibe, which helps organizations assess where they stand today, identify opportunities to focus D&I efforts, commit to a plan and monitor progress.

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Workforce planning

Workday can help you gain insight into your entire global workforce—even your on-demand workers. Using the functionality of Workday, we help you align your workers with your business goals, analyzing and balancing your talent supply and demand to achieve the perfect fit.

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Adaptive planning

Workday Adaptive planning is a unified planning, reporting and analytics suite that’s designed for active planning and enables data integration with any source. We take an agile, iterative approach to designing and building Workday Adaptive planning solutions, providing integrated solutions aligned to your strategic business objectives.

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