Order to Cash

  • Order to Cash


Order-to-Cash (OTC or O2C) is the top-level business process for receiving and processing customer orders.

The order to cash process is simple and can be illustrated with the following steps:

  1. Customer sends a purchase order
  2. Vendor creates a sales order
  3. Vendor ships and delivers goods
  4. Vendor sends invoice to customer
  5. Customer pays the vendor

Order-to-Cash systems affect all areas of a business and are critical to operational success.

In a standard system, orders are received via different sales channels, such as phone, emails, fax, online channels or through sales persons. This input complexity added with other manual entries, makes the process error-prone and the system inefficient. Implementing an Order-to-Cash cycle can provide an opportunity to bring efficiency to the process and save costs.

With Tangentia’s EDI, Automation, and E-commerce services, we can provide a complete streamlined Order-to-Cash process for the Global enterprise.

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