Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients’ End-to-End Automation with IDP

Tangentia | Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients' End-to-End Automation with IDP

tangentia verified services partnerTangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients' End-to-End Automation with Intelligent Document Processing

Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients' End-to-End Automation with Intelligent Document Processing

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 20, 2022 — Tangentia, a global leader in digital transformation solutions, recently announced its partnership with Parascript, a company that has been automating processes for over 25 years. Parascript software processes over 100 billion documents every year.

Tangentia | Tangentia Partners with Parascript to Enhance Clients' End-to-End Automation with IDP

This new technology partnership with Parascript will allow Tangentia to improve processing efficiency and automate tasks such as object recognition and classification, including optical character recognition and handwriting recognition, motion analysis, scene reconstruction, and image restoration. These tasks can support controlling robotized processes, navigation, event detection, organizing information, and automatic inspection. As a result, Tangentia clients can potentially save billions of dollars by reducing spending on document processing by up to 95%

Tangentia has recently announced the expansion of its North American sales and leadership team. The company has a goal of becoming the leading player in the global Intelligent Automation Market. With the technology partnership with Parascript, a company based in Colorado, US, Tangentia has a robust solution offering, especially in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare verticals.

Vijay Thomas, the CEO of Tangentia, opines, “The partnership with Parascript will open new avenues to Tangentia’s service offerings. Our customers will see the value for areas like fraud detection and handwritten document processing.”

Dr. Alexander Filatov, the CEO and President of Parascript adds, “Parascript creates best-in-class AI software that analyzes over 100 billion documents annually and automates key tasks for financial services, government agencies, and the healthcare industry through our many different machine learning techniques. By partnering with Tangentia we are able to create transcendent solutions for our clients’ needs.”

About Tangentia

Tangentia is a world-leading provider of digital transformation solutions with offices in the USA, Canada, and India. Our teams are located in 5 continents and 34+ countries, offering a “think global, act local” approach to the solutions we provide. We have built a roster of 1000+ customers in 34 countries and 13 Fortune 500 customers, 10 billion USD in SaaS transactions. Tangentia is a platinum partner of IBM and a Verified Services Partner of Automation Anywhere. In addition, other major partnerships include Microsoft, Salesforce, BluePrism, UiPath, Google AI & AWS.
Tangentia is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified with robust and defined procedures in place to ensure all the services are delivered with quality, transparency & guaranteed information security.

About Parascript

Parascript sells not just software, but they sell actual, verifiable results that save companies over $1B annually. Customers choose Parascript when they want to use applied AI to achieve an optimized data capture solution with the highest levels of reliable automation. From the best-in-class full-page handwriting recognition and the industry’s highest-performing check data extraction to intelligent APIs that detect fraud, Parascript APIs enable businesses to focus on their core software, offloading document automation to someone you trust. Parascript has the highest quality for document automation on unstructured documents, which includes handwriting, signature verification, and financial solutions to complex problems, all of which are solved simply with Parascript automation. Parascript has over three decades of experience applying AI to solve complex problems, automating document-oriented processes that involve over 100 billion documents each year. We have automated the postal industry, commercial mailrooms, government elections, payments, and hundreds of other processes.

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