IBM Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and Watson AI for Automotive Sales

Tangentia | IBM Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and Watson AI for Automotive Sales
  • Tangentia | IBM Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and Watson AI for Automotive Sales
    IBM Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and Watson AI for Automotive Sales

    IBM Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and Watson AI for Automotive Sales

The automotive industry is made up of many long and complex processes when it comes to manufacturing vehicles. Everything from maintaining accurate inventory levels, ensuring that the right parties sign off on paperwork, organizing the data being collected by onboard sensors, and other tasks are best handled by IBM Data Processing Addendum.

Inefficient processes in your back-office can slow down the entire production process, causing delays, parts
shortages, and other costly outcomes. Keeping track of all of this data requires large teams, which increases your operational expenses. And with competition in the automotive industry at an all-time high, these added expenses can impact your bottom line.

DPA is one area that many automotive companies are implementing as part of a wider digital transformation.
By automating repetitive, manual tasks, your company can identify significant ways to save and improve the efficiency of the processes you rely on to maintain your position in the market.

IBM for Automotive

Tangentia can help your organization create automated systems that are designed to save time, improve operational processes at all levels, and enhance the customer experience. We’re a trusted IBM strategic partner that can help your company start its digital transformation. Our team of developers will work with your company to create a proof of concept that works with your internal policies and processes.

Why IBM DPA for Automotive Industry?

  • Make Better Use of Data
    The data you collect from vehicle diagnostic systems and sensors is your most valuable asset. DPA helps you
    categorize and drive more value from this data.
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction
    Enhance the way your customers interact with your company by reducing friction at all touchpoints a customer
    has with your company.
  • Start Your Digital Transformation
    Put your company on the right path by kickstarting your digital transformation. DPA will provide your business
    with the foundation it needs to scale up.
  • Save Time and Money
    Your back-office tasks require a lot of time and labor. Improve the efficiency of these tasks with an automated
    system that you can configure based on your internal policies.
  • Improve Your Competitiveness
    Maintain your competitiveness through an DPA system that delivers exceptional value to your potential customers.
  • Futureproof Your Operations
    Artificial intelligence and digital operations are changing the way companies do business. DPA provides your company
    with a reliable way to futureproof your operations.

What tasks can IBM DPA and AI solve for Automotive sales?

  • Streamline the application process for vehicle sales
  • Payment processing for service departments
  • Logging vehicle service reports and other diagnostic data
  • Automating customer document requests
  • Tracking inventory levels for specific parts
  • Maintain effective regulatory compliance
  • Digitizing documents
  • Improving back-office operations

Are you interested in improving the essential processes that your business relies on? DPA is one of the most impactful ways your business can boost its back-office performance. Get in touch with the Tangentia team today to see how we can
empower your company to leverage the latest DPA technology to improve automotive sales.

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