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  • Tangentia Byte February 2023Tangentia Byte February 2023

    Monthly Tangentia Byte
    February 2023


What technologies are gaining the most traction? What are the most important trends that business leaders should be prepared for?

The tech industry is rapidly evolving, and it's crucial for organizations to stay ahead of the curve! Get the insights you need from our CEO, Vijay Thomas on the top trends to look out for in 2023 and stay ahead of the game with Tangentia.


Low Code Platforms - The future of software development

Low-code platforms are helping technical professionals deliver digital solutions faster with minimal coding. We have partnered with two giants in low code platforms – Outsystems, and Microsoft Power Apps.

A POC implementation by traditional development could take weeks or months whereas with low code we achieved it in just 3 days. Low code platforms also have the capability to automate and optimize development processes, enabling faster and more efficient development, and making software development more accessible for businesses of all sizes, as it eliminates the need for complex coding and development.


The Future of Chatbots: How Conversational AI Presents

Game-Changing Opportunities

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just exist in the world of science fiction anymore. As this revolutionary technology continues to advance, so will many parts of everyday life and how we interact with digital cyberspace.

By 2030, the global conversational AI market size is projected to reach $32.62 billion. Over 70% of chatbot conversations are expected to be with retail conversational AI systems by 2023

Learn how Tangentia can give your chatbot that competitive edge with conversational AI and innovative chatbot building. 


Introducing Ward, a Work Order Specialist, part of our exclusive TiA Gen Digital Workforce. Never the one to miss a deadline, Ward is highly efficient with time management and can boost your business productivity by 30%. With Ward, reinvent your business practices.


Tangentia Jigyasa Business & Technology Quiz 2023

India's biggest business and technology quiz, the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz is back with its 7th edition. Early bird registrations are now open for this year's online preliminary round which will be held online on 22nd April 2023. 7 finalists will make it to the grand finals in Goa on 13th May 2023 to battle it out to be crowned champions.


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