How to Pick an EDI Service Provider … Do they have a Karen?

Tangentia | How to Pick an EDI Service Provider … Do they have a Karen?
  • Tangentia | How to Pick an EDI Service Provider … Do they have a Karen?Tangentia | How to Pick an EDI Service Provider … Do they have a Karen?

    How to Pick an EDI Service Provider
    Do they have a Karen?

I have worked next to one of the hardest working, most knowledgeable and talented EDI sales and support people in the business for over two years. Her name is Karen and she has been working with Tangentia for close to 5 years. She arrives early and stays late. She has the best attitude and is always willing to put in a little extra effort. In every case, it’s not just a little extra effort but a lot of extra effort. That’s what you want when choosing an EDI provider.
Sitting next to Karen, I am always amazed at how she manages to get so much done. She is always working. She works so hard she literally has to be reminded to go have lunch. There is no one person that I have ever worked with that has impressed me more. Any company would be lucky to have a Karen.
When selecting an EDI provider, most things are the same. The prices are similar. The services are similar. Every vendor wants your business, and you as a client are looking for a secure, scalable solution that just works. If you are thinking about switching EDI service providers, you have your pick. But the question you have to ask yourself is, do they have a Karen?
Without a doubt, Karen leads our customer service team on all accounts. Listening to her laugh, I would say she is probably the happiest person in the world. Customers love her, her colleagues love her, and I’m confident you will, too.
I was asked to write an article to help us sell our EDI services. When I thought long and hard about why I would choose Tangentia for EDI, sure the technology is world-class and setup is easy. You’ll definitely save money and the system is also super user-friendly. But besides that, the real reason I would choose Tangentia is because I know that if I did need support, I could call Karen and she would not only solve my problem, but also put a smile on my face and make my day. This I can guarantee.
So if you are new to EDI and considering your options, or if you are looking for alternatives to your current EDI provider, the question you should ask any vendor is “Do you have a Karen?" Chances are they don’t, because there is nobody like Karen. We are lucky to have her on our team, and you will be, too, when you decide to choose Tangentia as your EDI service provider.
To work with Karen directly and have her setup your company on EDI, just send her an email with your contact details to:
She will promptly call you back and will be so happy it will make you smile.
Thank you, Karen, for all that you do.
We love you.

PS: A note from Karen…
Thank you so much for your kind words. Never did I imagine that I can be blogged about in this lifetime. Your blog submission truly made my day – should I mention it made me tear up a bit? Hehe.
As for the blog requirement, since this could be published on our official blog site, my edit suggestion would be to emphasize the characteristics that all of us at Tangentia share as a team, rather than as individuals. It would be a great opportunity to highlight the things that set our team apart from our competitors which are: our team’s consistent hard work, positive attitude, and going the extra mile to help our customers overcome their challenges.

PPS: As you can see, even when Karen is recognized for her efforts, she goes out of her way to share the credit with the entire team. That’s a real team player.