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Aim for Impact With Industry-Leading Digital Transformation Solutions

Make an impact with access to all the solutions your business needs to digitally transform. Move fast and stay competitive with proven automation, RPA, EDI, and B2B integrations that seamlessly connect and enhance your existing systems.
Tangentia AI


Transform Quickly

Adapt to digital change with fully scalable and automatable solutions that unlock everything the cloud has to offer.

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Tangentia Cloud EDI

Grow Rapidly

Grow Rapidly

Meet new demand head on with solutions that prioritize your growth and position your business for success.

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Tangentia RPA

Bounceback Faster


Stay innovative and overcome big changes with access to a team of digital transformation specialists.

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18+ Years of Making an Impact Where It Counts

We believe in making an impact. Whether you’re transforming, growing, or bouncing back, our team of digital transformation specialists can enhance your digital capabilities through AI, RPA, EDI, and B2B integrations.
See why other companies trust Tangentia with their digital transformations.

Stay Competitive and Ahead of the
Curve with RPA

RPA lets you future-proof the technology and processes your company relies on to stay competitive. Discover how our RPA solutions can enhance productivity, cut costs, and improve core business processes.

Discover RPA Solutions By
Your Industry

See how RPA is transforming the way legacy industries operate through an agile approach to process improvement.
Tangentia automotive RPA


Improve Operational Efficiencies for Manufacturing & Auto Sales

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Tangentia Retail RPA


Create Efficient
Supply Chains That Reduce Capex

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Tangentia BFSI RPA


Boost Productivity &
Customer Support Capabilities With RPA

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Our RPA & Automation Partners

Our RPA & Automation Partners

Discover Tangentia's Intelligent Automation (TiA) Platform Built to Accelerate Your Business

Tangentia is a leader in AI technology, using extreme innovation to help you make the most of all AI has to offer. From advanced analytics to in-depth insights into your data and customers, TiA Core AI can take your customer relationships to the next level by using natural-language communications for the most effective customer service and brand promotion.

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Tangentia knows how to make the most of the latest chatbot technology. TiA Chatbot can converse with your customers in a natural way, making automated customer service quick, efficient, and enjoyable. Whether its product or service inquiries or the need for support, your customers will get the help they need when they need it.

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Take your workforce to a whole new level, not by replacing them, but by freeing them to do what they do best – connect with your customers in a meaningful way and focus on high-value tasks. TiA Digital Worker comes ready to supplement your workforce by performing all the mundane tasks that come with accounting and finance, help desk, HR, and customer service.

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Get ready to improve efficiency across your organization and improve data management with Tangentia’s TiA IPA. TiA IPA can be customized to suit any company’s needs across a variety of industries. It’s equipped to streamline processes for improved data management and increased customer satisfaction, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of today’s digital technology.

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EDI Made Easy with Tangentia Gateway

Tangentia Gateway is a powerful B2B solution that provides your business with all the functionality and integrations it needs to stay competitive.

EDI Gateway

Keep your EDI processes compliant and accessible with enhanced integration with your favorite business applications.

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Simplify the way your business approaches order management with centralized consolidation across multiple channels.

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Reduce costs and errors with a fully automated solution that improves every aspect of your invoicing processes.

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Minimize border delays with a solution that improves compliance, border document management & filing.

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Experience a Personalized Approach to Digital Transformation Solutions

Tangentia offers an agile boutique approach to the modern digital transformation, with bespoke applications and solutions.

Our Customers

Our Awards and Recognition's

Tangentia ISO Certified Company
Tangentia is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified
Tangentia SOC 2 certified
Tangentia EDI is SOC 2 certified to ensure that your data is always secure
Analytics Insight Award 2020 Tangentia
Featured amongst the ‘Top 10 Most Valuable Digital Transformation Companies of 2020’ by Analytics Insight
Automation Anywhere Verified Services Partner
Automation Anywhere Verified Services Partner

Our Awards and Recognition’s

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Transform Quickly Grow Rapidly Bounceback Faster Transform Quickly Grow Rapidly Bounceback Faster

The business world is transforming. How are you keeping up with these changes? Discover how you can achieve cloud maturity with personalized solutions that enhance productivity, cut costs, and improve core business processes.