Azure Cloud

Deploy your apps easily and take an automated approach to app management

Azure Cloud
App development and deployment can be a complicated process. With concerns over hardware, networks, and app performance, the deployment and monitoring of apps can be a costly and resource-consuming endeavor.

Deploy your apps easily and take an automated approach to app management

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services allows you to develop and deploy your apps in a cost-effective way. You get to maintain complete control over app usage and automatically scale to meet the demand of your users. And since Azure Cloud is device-agnostic, you can do all this while deploying your apps where you want, when you want.

Discover Why Microsoft Azure Cloud Is an Industry Leader in App Development

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services provides you with the secure infrastructure you need to create the apps you want, deploy them where you want, and monitor their performance with ease.

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Deploy Powerful Apps

Azure Cloud gives you the power to build and deploy powerful apps, delivering them via an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment. Once deployment is complete, you can enjoy a hands-off experience as Azure manages the app for you. Plus, you don’t need to worry about maintaining hardware or dealing with network problems and the cloud environment is fully secured.

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Integrated Development

Use Azure SDK and Visual Studio to enhance your app development experience. You can develop your apps with any language you prefer, since Azure supports Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET, and Ruby. When your app is fully developed, use the Azure Emulator to test its performance before deployment.

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App Monitoring

Once your app is out there, you want to know how its performing. Azure Cloud offers integrated monitoring that makes it possible to keep track of the health and load balancing of your app. All the important statistics related to app performance are available via a user-friendly metrics dashboard and real-time alerts let you know when something goes wrong.

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Automatic Scalability

Azure Cloud comes with their Autoscale feature that takes care of scaling up or down when you need it. If an app starts trending or you have a sudden spike in traffic, Autoscale will scale your service for you, providing you with the volume you need while controlling cost. You can even set limits on scalability and set targets for app usage, giving you complete control.

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