Customer Experience

Tangentia | Customer Experience
Tangentia | Customer Experience

Connect With Customers
on Their Terms

Customer engagement in today’s world is very different than it was 20 years ago. Customers expect you to connect with them where they are, when they want to, and how they want to. It’s all about the experience, and offering top customer experience is the way to put you ahead of your competition at a time when everyone is going digital.

Design, Build, and Manage Your Customer's Experience

Tangentia CX offers you a suite of customer engagement services that will help you heighten the customer experience by tailoring it to suit their needs. We use sound data management and analytics and a seamless omnichannel approach to communication that will allow you to understand your customers better and reach them via the channels they prefer.


Tangentia | Customer Experience

Connect with Customers on Their Terms

Engage with customers across multiple channels
Reward customers for their social media participation
Communicate on a personal level and strengthen relationships

Discover the Solutions and Services That Have the Power to Transform Your Customer Interactions

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Digital Loyalty Solutions

Strictly transaction-based interactions are a thing of the past. With our Digital Loyalty Solutions, you will be able to interact
with your customers based on a loyalty system that monitors and rewards their digital behavior, rather than simply the frequency and quantity of their purchases.

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Customer Engagement Solutions

The goal of every business in today’s technological world has gone beyond just making the sale. Our Customer Engagement Solutions allow you to easily engage in two-way dialog with your customers, taking your engagement beyond the transaction and allowing you to truly connect with them.

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Digital Marketing Services

Today, you will fnd your customers everywhere. Email, SMS text messaging, social media – they do it all, and so should you. Our
Digital Marketing Solutions, helps ensure your brand and value proposition are visible across all channels, helping your customers fnd and connect with you in a truly meaningful way.

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Customer Insights & Analytics Services

Data is what drives business success, and these days you can collect plenty of data. Our Customer Insights & Analytics Services uses advanced AI tools to help you gather meaningful insights from that data, so you can convert it into initiatives that will strengthen your customer relationships.

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia’s Customer Engagement Solutions bring customer communications into the 21st century with:

Full scalability to meeting a growing customer base

Loyalty solutions that reward customers the right way

AI and data analysis that help you make sense of your data

Get to Know Your Customers All Over Again with Tangentia Customer Engagement Solutions

Reach out to the Tangentia team to learn more about how our Customer Engagement Solutions can help you connect with your customers in a whole new way. Contact the Tangentia team today.