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Your competitors have the same technology and similar offerings that you do. In the digital age today, what helps you differentiate is the experience that you offer to your customers. Tangentia CX helps you design, build and manage your customers’ experience – with a seamless, omni-channel approach. We can help you with digital marketing, personalization solutions, recommendation engines, customer loyalty programs, customer engagement solutions, customer insights, and more. Whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured – data is all around us and being created by the Terabytes every minute. Enterprises today have a wealth of data available to them – but monetization is the key. Tangentia analytics helps you manage your enterprise and customer data, convert it into beautiful and meaningful visualizations, and derive business insights that can help you take rapid decisions and achieve true enterprise agility.

Tangentia CX Services

Digital Loyalty Solutions

Helping you move from traditional transaction-based loyalty systems to interaction based loyalty systems that monitor & reward digital behavior.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Engage your customers in bi-directional dialogues & move from customer transactions to customer interactions.

Digital Marketing Services

Helping you position your brand & value proposition across channels.

Customer Insights & Analytics services

Sentiment Analysis, Computer Vision & Voice interfaces delivering powerful customer insights.

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