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EDI (electronic data interchange) services in Canada

With over 15 years of experience of providing EDI (electronic data interchange) solutions to Canadian companies, Tangentia is a well-known name in the EDI business. No matter where your company is in the supply chain – from manufacturing and distribution to logistics and retail, we can offer wide variety of custom solutions and services to help you connect with your trading partners. This helps you achieve electronic supply chains that are efficient, reliable and agile. We have helped many companies reduce, EDI spend and ongoing maintenance overheads by up to 50%.

EDI landscape in Canada

EDI landscape in Canada more often mirrors the Canadian business environment. With globalization happening at lightning speed exemplified by trade agreements such North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), foreign investments and growth of online commerce, organizations are now required to deal with supply chains across geographies and scale.

With rapidly changing technologies and growing business landscapes, it becomes difficult to connect to and communicate with all your trading partners. Customers are increasingly having to deal with:

  • High volume of EDI data
  • Complex supply chain networks
  • High cost of EDI solutions
  • Need for more transparency of data with partners

Tangentia’s EDI services can help you solve these problems. Whether you are a large EDI hub or a small enterprise with no EDI capabilities, Tangentia’s EDI service portfolio is designed to meet your requirements.

Tangentia provides several EDI Services in Canada

Enterprise Cloud EDI

Tangentia Gateway is Tangentia’s proprietary cloud-based, enterprise, SaaS offering for easy compliance to 2000+ trading partners globally.

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Tangentia’s Cloud EDI enable companies to trade with non-EDI companies who have access to a web browser. This allows for the efficient processing of transactions bi-directionally so that all parties can process data in their preferred format.

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EDI Managed Services

Provides outsourced EDI services tailored to fit your budget, technical sophistication, and trading partner requirements. You conduct your business and Tangentia manages your EDI services.

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Backed by IBM Sterling Collaboration Network. It enables secure, reliable and efficient communication with trading partners around the globe. It includes services, such as Hosted Translation, that allows you to convert data into any format.

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AS2 Communication

EDIINT Services for processing AS2 data, and the ability to process any type of data format with any trading partner regardless of their technology.

Tangentia Gateway or Tangentia Gateway

Tangentia Gateway is Tangentia’s cloud-based SaaS EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution. It works seamlessly with the IBM Sterling Information Broker (also known as Sterling VAN) providing an unbeatable offering for large and midsized companies that require a nimble and cost-effective EDI managed services solution.

Who uses Tangentia Gateway?

From small niche vendors to fortune 500 companies, more than 1000 customers use the Tangentia Gateway solution on a daily basis to conduct business with their trading partners.

ERP / WMS Integration

Tangentia Gateway provides EDI integration to 50+ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)/Accounting/WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and Cloud Systems. Some of the popular systems that Tangentia Gateway integrates into are…

Tangentia is capable of doing EDI for all standards
  • ACH
  • CII
  • RND
  • SPEC2000
  • VDA
  • ANSI X12
Tangentia supports all communication protocols and API’s including
  • AS2
  • AS1
  • AS3
  • OFTP
  • SFTP
  • VAN
We provide support for all major databases and flat file integration
  • CII
  • CSV
  • Positional
  • Database (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc)
Tangentia Managed Services

We can help you manage your in-house EDI implementations as well. Our expertise includes

  • IBM Sterling B2B
  • IBM Sterling Gentran
  • IBM Websphere Transformation Extender
  • Cleo Lexicon
  • Cleo Clarify
  • GXS TrustedLink

Using any combination of these EDI services provides you with a world of opportunities to strengthen your existing business relationships, add new partners and vendors at will, obtain higher levels of efficiency, and improve your overall ability to gain control of your EDI application.

We have been providing EDI services to clients across Canada. Some of our major clients have been listed below.
  • The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO)
  • Whirlpool
  • Sodastream
  • Primo Foods
  • Unico

Tangentia has client presence is almost all provinces and major cities in Canada – Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Victoria, Halifax, Oshawa , Windsor, Saskatoon, Regina , Whitby, Vaughan , Burlington, Barrie, Milton , Cambridge, Victoria, Oakville, Richmond, Lethbridge, High River

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Tangentia EDI Awards and Certifications
Tangentia | Tangentia EDI Canada

Tangentia EDI is an IBM Certified Solution

Tangentia | Tangentia EDI Canada

Tangentia EDI is SOC 2 certified to ensure that your data is always secure

Tangentia | Tangentia EDI Canada

Tangentia EDI is a top 10 EDI Provider in the World as per Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine

Tangentia | Tangentia EDI Canada

Tangentia EDI is a top 10 EDI Provider in the World as per Logistics Tech Outlook Magazine

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