Take a Modular Approach to Accounting and Business Management

Small and medium-sized businesses need a robust accounting and management system for their daily operations. Acomba takes on that role with a modular approach that can scale with your business as you grow.
Whether you need the web-based Acomba GO or a more niche offering tailored to specific professions or industries, Tangentia can help you capitalize on the extensive customization and scalability that Acomba has to offer.

Why Integrate Your EDI with Acomba?

Acomba is a versatile tool that lets you build upon it depending on the needs of your business. Don’t let issues like manual data entry, compliance regulations, data integrity, and validity slow you down.

Tangentia’s B2B Gateway is the solution you need to add enhanced automation capabilities, ensure better compliance, and implement better oversight..

Acomba Is the Key to Creating Scalable Accounting Processes

The services and features you gain from Acomba will help you develop a modular approach to finance that simplifies business processes and promotes more informed business decisions.

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A Modular Approach to Finance

Finance departments rely on a series of complex tasks, inputs, and processes unique to every business. Tangentia Gateway helps you create a seamless EDI integration with your Acomba accounting system taking into account organization’s individual needs. Modularity makes management easier to work with and maintain.

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Simplify Your Processes

Tangentia Gateway provides a cost-effective EDI solution that scales along with your business. It brings in orders and invoices into your system directly, freeing up resources, reducing tedious manual tasks, minimizing human error, and reducing complexity.

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Make Better Decisions

Our EDI integration centralizes and validates your data, enabling ease of monitoring and better decision-making. It also streamlines data from your supply chains to decrease reaction time, remove redundancy, and eliminate errors. Driving long-term growth is much easier with cloud EDI.

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Customized Solutions

Our professionals have over two decades of experience with EDI solutions. We’re well-equipped to adapt our solution to the needs of your company in a scalable and cost-effective manner. We understand the challenges you face and build solutions custom tailored to your needs.

Start Your Electronic Data Interchange Journey with Acomba & Tangentia

EDI has the potential to improve the way your company exchanges data, cut costs and can scale with you as you grow.

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia provides quick on-boarding for trading partners with lifetime EDI mapping compliance. Our end-to-end testing, hands-on training, and 24/7 sales support enable you to get the most out of your ERP solution.


Integration is everything when it comes to an EDI solution. Our platform is compatible with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, Canada Post EST 2.0, Purolator E-Ship Server (ESS), and more.


Security is more important than ever today. Tangentia Gateway offers best-in-class encryption and HIPAA-compliant solutions for 4010 and 5010 EDI specifications.


Working with a tight budget and a specific deadline? Our team knows how to deliver on time and on budget.

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