What is RosettaNet?

RosettaNet is the EDI standard used by major Computer and Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Logistics companies in exchanging business data with their trading partners.


Guaranteed compliance with your RosettaNet trading partners

Supports multiple secure file transfer protocols

Email notifications with attachments

Cloud-based solution – no annual costs, maintenance costs or licence costs

24*7 production support, with 7 AM to 7 PM helpdesk support

Integration with ERP/WMS/Carriers Systems and eCommerce platforms

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Tangentia | RosettaNet

Why Tangentia RosettaNet

Tangentia continues to build on its reputation as a one-stop shop for all B2B compliance for companies big and small. As as part of our B2B compliance focus, we have the Tangentia Gateway-RosettaNet solution offering.
With Tangentia Gateway-RosettaNet, which is presently in production at a couple of large companies worldwide, companies can be PIP compliant with their trading partners in a matter of days. The fully cloud-hosted SAAS model for RosettaNet also comes standard with all the integration benefits from the Tangentia Gateway Bridge solution set and can integrate with SAP, Oracle, Manhattan Associates and most other Enterprise Applications.

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List of supported RosettaNet PIP documents:

  • 3A1 Request Quote
  • 3A2 Request Price and Availability
  • 3A3 Request Shopping Cart Transfer
  • 3A4 Request Purchase Order
  • 3A5 Query Order Status
  • 3A6 Distribute Order Status
  • 3A7 Notify of Purchase Order Update
  • 3A8 Request Purchase Order Change
  • 3A9 Request Purchase Order Cancellation
  • 3A10 Notify of Quote Acknowledgement
  • 3A13 Notify of Purchase Order Information
  • 3A14 Distribute Planned Order
  • 3B1 Distribute Transportation Projection
  • 3B2 Notify of Advance Shipment
  • 3B3 Distribute Shipment Status
  • 3B4 Query Shipment Status
  • 3B5 Request Shipment Change
  • 3B6 Notify of Shipments Tendered
  • 3B11 Notify of Shipping Order
  • 3B12 Request Shipping Order
  • 3B13 Notify of Shipping Order Confirmation
  • 3B14 Request Shipping Order Cancellation
  • 3B18 Notify of Shipment Documentation
  • 3C1 Return Product
  • 3C2 Request Financing Approval
  • 3C3 Notify of Invoice
  • 3C4 Notify of Invoice Reject

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