WatsonX – Pioneering the Fusion of Generative AI and Commercial Applications

Tangentia | WatsonX - Pioneering the Fusion of Generative AI and Commercial Applications

Watsonx - Pioneering the Fusion of Generative AI and Commercial ApplicationsWatsonx - Pioneering the Fusion of Generative AI and Commercial Applications

Watsonx – Pioneering the Fusion of Generative AI and Commercial Applications

Tangentia Automation powered by IBM Watsonx is revolutionizing the landscape for enterprises of all sizes, facilitating the seamless integration of generative AI into their operations. Comprising three essential components, Watsonx empowers businesses to tailor their AI solutions according to their unique needs. Watsonx.ai provides user-friendly tooling for robust foundation models, while Watsonx.data ensures efficient, scalable workloads across diverse data locations. The third component, Watsonx.governance, establishes crucial guardrails for responsible implementation. This holistic approach allows organizations to refine foundation models with domain-specific data, fostering a competitive edge and ensuring alignment with external sources of knowledge.

These advanced features, complemented by an extensive array of Tangentias machine learning and AI functionalities, are now accessible to independent software vendors (ISVs) and managed service providers (MSPs) through IBM's embeddable software portfolio. Supported by the IBM Ecosystem Engineering Build Lab and a robust partner ecosystem, Watsonx, alongside other IBM AI applications, libraries, and APIs, expedites the development of AI-powered commercial software, minimizing the reliance on specialized talent and developer resources.

A platform prioritized for enterprise AI

In line with IBM's commitment to aiding organizations in deriving business value from embedded generative AI, Watsonx caters to the most critical needs of enterprise developers. This includes text summarization, sentiment analysis-based input classification, text content generation, information analysis and extraction (or redaction), and question-answering functions. Partnering with Watsonx provides ISVs with flexibility in choosing models tailored to their industry, domain, and specific use cases, leveraging open-source models, third-party models, and IBM's proprietary Granite models.

The flexibility to incorporate proprietary data and fine-tune models for domain-specific tasks positions ISVs to better address the industry-specific needs of their clients. With Watsonx, IBM not only provides access to foundational models but also offers IP indemnity, instilling confidence in partners as they navigate AI creation.

Exceptional customer care through AI solutions

Exploring diverse AI use cases across industries, Watsonx proves invaluable in delivering exceptional customer care through AI solutions. Recognizing the growing significance of customer service in the generative AI landscape, companies can enhance their customer care portals with Watsonx Assistant and Watsonx.ai, accelerating time-to-market and meeting customer expectations.

Moreover, Watsonx facilitates the effortless generation of conversation transcripts, automation of Q&A sessions, and the extraction of key information. The platform's capabilities, exemplified by Watsonx.ai, enable concise conversation summaries and sentiment analysis, contributing to refined and improved information available to customer care agents.

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Streamline your procurement process using WatsonX

In another context, organizations can streamline their procurement processes by integrating Watsonx into their enterprise solutions. Leveraging AI-infused supply chain management solutions, such as Watsonx Assistant, Watsonx.ai, and Watsonx.data, developed by ISVs, companies can connect disparate processes and data, optimizing end-to-end solutions.

Watsonx Assistant, functioning as a user-friendly natural-language Q&A interface, interfaces with the supplier database, while Watsonx.ai generates database queries and content like Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Simultaneously, Watson Discovery analyzes supplier financial reports, and Watsonx.data serves as a front end for the company's ERP system. This integrated approach empowers teams to work smarter, facilitating more informed and integrated business outcomes.

Benefits of building with IBM

ISVs who partner with IBM get more than just functionality. Our team will help you create a solution architecture that helps you embed our AI technology, explore how to monetize your solution set, provide technical resources and even help sell it through our seller network.

IBM Partner Plus, our partner program, provides business partners with a plethora of resources and benefits to help them embed technology. We find the following resonate especially well with partners looking to start their journey of building with IBM: the IBM Digital Self-Serve Co-Create Experience (DSCE), the IBM Ecosystem Engineering Build Lab and the IBM Sales Partner Advocacy Program.

DCSE helps data scientists, application developers and MLOps engineers discover and try IBM’s embeddable AI portfolio across watsonx, IBM Watson libraries, IBM Watson APIs and IBM AI applications. The IBM Ecosystem Engineering Build Lab provides partners with technical resources, experts and support to accelerate co-creation of their solution with embedded IBM technology. The IBM Sales Partner Advocacy Program is a co-sell benefit that encourages collaboration with IBM sales teams when partners sell their solution with embedded IBM technology to IBM clients.

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