Monthly Tangentia Byte June 2020

  • Monthly Tangentia Byte
    June 2020

What’s new at Tangentia?

June has been a busy month for the Tangentia team. We launched our AI enabled chatbot – TIA for Higher Ed, extended out Tangentia Gateway capabilities for e-Invoicing, and announced our Tangentia digital service offering AODA for website compliance.

To learn more about product and service offerings, check out the links below.

RPA Is Perfectly Positioned to Transform the Auto Industry

One of the hottest auto-buying markets in the world right now is India. In February of 2018, the sale of passenger vehicles
rose by over 7%. Read how we partnered with the largest car dealership in India in implementing an RPA solution that would help them with their auto sales process.

Deliver a Web Experience for All Ontario Residents

As an Ontario business owner providing online services and products, you need to be inclusive and deliver a website experience that is accessible to everyone.

Read how Tangentia can help you get AODA compliant today.

Introducing TIA for
Higher Education

TIA offers intelligent chatbot and voice capabilities. This makes it possible to efficiently provide students and the general public accurate and timely answers to their questions, improving their overall communication experience.
Read more about how TIA can help your business today.

AI-powered Chatbots in
Higher Education

Higher Education Institutes across the globe are turning to chatbots and AI to improve the student experience, provide virtual learning assistance, and accelerate student support services.
Learn how Tangentia’s AI-powered chatbots can transform the university and college experience .

Become Compliant with the new Indian Government E-invoicing requirement with Tangentia.

The new mandatory government regulations on e-invoicing for all businesses require a robust and simple platform. Tangentia is proud to introduce Tangentia E-invoicing Gateway (TEG), the latest module added to to Tangentia Gateway, which effectively equips organisations to navigate the statutory requirements recently introduced by the Indian Government.
Our solution provides the end-to-end framework for managing the new Invoice Reference Number (IRN) compliance regulations for users. TEG integrates with existing ERP systems, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal impact to existing processes and workflows.

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian customers and partners. Enjoy the day off, stay safe