End Point Management

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What is End Point Management

With the ever increasing need to multitask, communicate, compute and Mobilize end point security has
become more complicated issue than ever before. Users want to enjoy 24/7 internet connectivity using
their devices. With the employer’s expectation to be productive around the click, whether at home,
onsite or in the field, the traditional desktops laptops have become a thing of the past. Employees are
using smartphones, Tablets, wearables, and even the Internet of Things (IoT) present enterprise IT
teams with challenges they never encounter before.
Some of the challenges are users violating corporate standards, data leakage occurrences — especially
from enterprise apps — and the prevalence and evolution of malware and other advanced threats.
Enterprises now have to seek out management options to ensure security without overburdening the
user, especially when the users bring their own devices. The only efficient method of managing and
securing all endpoints, the users, apps, content and data is to implement and deploy a unified endpoint
management (UEM). UEM is effective in adapting to the new technology where there are more skilled
users and sophisticated attacks by hackers. Ultimately, workers want the freedom to use the endpoints
of their choosing, and enterprises want to secure those endpoints to protect their proprietary data.

IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix provides real-time visibility and control to help
IT find and fix problems fast using a single agent, console and server


IBM MaaS360 with Watson delivers cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) across all endpoint types

Mobile First

Take your business from mobile ready to mobile first

SailPoint – IdentityNow

IdentityNow is a full-featured cloud-based identity and access management solution, or IAM as a Service (IDaaS) that delivers single sign-on, password management, provisioning, and access certification services for cloud, mobile, and on-premises applications


Privileged Identity Management

Have you had an issue with a user abusing administrative powers?

Password Management

A security feature only till every its every aspect is managed properly else it could also be biggest security vulnerability.

User Lifecycle Management

Automated user lifecycle management is no longer an option but essential to operate in an increasingly integrated environment.

Identity and Access Governance

It is necessary to provide a framework for controlling Identity and Access information in an enterprise.

Governance of Unstructured Data

Given the rising cyber-crimes, Unstructured Data is a big blind spot for most organizations.

Cloud-Based IAM

What’s your 2018 Identity & Access Management strategy?.

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