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Tangentia Data Privacy

Are you working with personal data from your customers, are you storing your employee’s information or if you are holding your organization’s sensitive information, you are facing data privacy challenges.
Storing and exchanging data although is essential for any business to operate, it is also vital for
an organization to manage personal data throughout its lifecycle With increased awareness among customers and partners about data sensitivity, A well-rounded data privacy strategy is required to protect not only your organization’s reputation but to meet continuously evolving government and international regulations like GDPR, SOX, HIPPA.
Tangentia partners with leading Data Privacy providers like IBM, Sailpoint to help you govern the way your organization collects and maintains data, to effectively mitigate that risk and ensure you meet global privacy regulations.SoD Compliance

IBM Security Guardium Analyzer

identify security and compliance risk associated with
GDPR-related data

IBM Data Risk Manager

What you don’t know can hurt you

Protect Unstructured data with Sailpoint SecurityIQ

With 80% of corporate data being unstructured,email & files are the new targets for data breaches.

SailPoint – IdentityNow

Full-featured cloud-based identity & access management solution


Privileged Identity Management

Have you had an issue with a user abusing administrative powers?

Password Management

A security feature only till every its every aspect is managed properly else it could also be biggest security vulnerability.

User Lifecycle Management

Automated user lifecycle management is no longer an option but essential to operate in an increasingly integrated environment.

Identity and Access Governance

It is necessary to provide a framework for controlling Identity and Access information in an enterprise.

Governance of Unstructured Data

Given the rising cyber-crimes, Unstructured Data is a big blind spot for most organizations.

Cloud-Based IAM

What’s your 2018 Identity & Access Management strategy?.

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