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Cloud security had become a fast-growing service offering which provides similar functionalities like the traditional IT Security. This includes protecting your IT infrastructure from theft, data leaks and deletion.
Cloud security provides you with the flexibility of operating at scale and still remain secure. Cloud Security provides an agile approach to the traditional IT security practices. It does not change the approach on how you manage the security from preventing to detecting and corrective measures. It gives the flexibility to store data in multiple data centres across the globe depending on the customers’ requirements.
Your data remains secure under compliance requirements specially when there is a need for storing Personal Information on your application. Cloud security provides offer audit reports and even third-party audit reports to attest their internal security and processes.
Now as for the question on how secure is the Cloud. Cloud hosting data centres maintain strict regulatory standards. They also provide users with access to the extra security programs while keeping customer data confidential. Multiple companies trust cloud to host their applications.

Tangentia Cloud Security Services

Security & Risk Assessment

Boutique strategy to help you achieve your Cloud Ambitions.

Identity & Access Management

How complex is it?IAM in the Cloud.

Infrastructure & Application Security

Design, develop and deploy boutique cloud-based applications.

Data Protection & Active Defense

What to migrate and what to protect is what we help you with.

Cloud Migration

Leap to the Cloud.


Privileged Identity Management

Have you had an issue with a user abusing administrative powers?

Password Management

A security feature only till every its every aspect is managed properly else it could also be biggest security vulnerability.

User Lifecycle Management

Automated user lifecycle management is no longer an option but essential to operate in an increasingly integrated environment.

Identity and Access Governance

It is necessary to provide a framework for controlling Identity and Access information in an enterprise.

Governance of Unstructured Data

Given the rising cyber-crimes, Unstructured Data is a big blind spot for most organizations.

Cloud-Based IAM

What’s your 2018 Identity & Access Management strategy?.

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