More Than Data: Why Tangentia Wins Out Over Larger EDI Providers

Tangentia | More Than Data: Why Tangentia Wins Out Over Larger EDI Providers

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More Than Data: Why Tangentia Wins Out Over Larger EDI Providers

In terms of features, most EDI providers are quite similar to one another. There are only so many ways you can tweak the EDI process without it becoming cumbersome or convoluted. An EDI solution's feature set is therefore only one measure of that provider's suitability — a small one.

There are other, far more important qualities for which a provider should be evaluated.


Too often, EDI providers approach customer outreach and onboarding as little more than a numbers game. Larger clients with bigger budgets are given preferential treatment, while smaller businesses are pushed to the wayside.

Sales representatives within these organizations admittedly do form personal relationships with their customers when closing deals. Unfortunately, this too can be an issue. Consider what happens when a salesperson leaves the company.

That customer is suddenly offloaded to a different representative. More often than not, that representative is completely unfamiliar with their new responsibility. Because they lack the personal stake of their predecessor, they're also less likely to prioritize the customer's needs.

This consequently leads to a marked decline in customer service. Support quests take longer to resolve. Questions go unanswered for longer. A relationship that was once successful becomes gradually more strained as the customer wonders what went wrong.

This was the exact scenario facing Rollover Pet Food, which was working with a large EDI vendor prior to Tangentia.

When their longstanding sales representative left the company, the damage to their relationship was almost immediate. Before long, they realized that it was time for a change. They needed a more personalized EDI experience and a vendor that would make them a priority.

We provided precisely that.

Although we're smaller than many of the major EDI players on the market, we make up for that by being fully invested in the success of our customers. We treat all customers the same regardless of size, with a focus on satisfaction rather than sales figures. Our sales teams also do not experience turnover as often as larger companies, meaning clients don't unexpectedly have to rebuild and redefine their relationship with us.

A Comprehensive, Flexible Portfolio

EDI is often just the tip of the iceberg. There are nearly always other digital transformation opportunities beyond the supply chain. If your vendor has a well-rounded portfolio, you can tap into those opportunities without needing to manage a patchwork of solutions. Instead, you'll have everything you need in one place.

Tangentia combines a diverse selection of products and solutions with the expertise necessary for seamless deployment and integration. Combine EDI with robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, and more.

Experience, Knowledge, Expertise

EDI is not a monolithic discipline. Different industries have different data interchange requirements and must adhere to different regulations and standards. A vendor that understands one sector is not guaranteed to be knowledgeable about another.

It's imperative that you seek out a vendor that understands your industry. As a global leader in digital transformation solutions, Tangentia worked with organizations in multiple sectors including:

We know what's necessary for an EDI deployment to succeed in each of these sectors. We understand how best to leverage technology to help clients along on their digital transformation journey. With our knowledge, we help each customer create a multifaceted solution that allows their organization to thrive.

The Right Vendor Makes All The Difference

If you're in the market for a Canadian EDI provider, Tangentia has you covered. Our experienced sales and support agents are fully invested in your success, no matter how great or small your business may be. Combine that with our comprehensive portfolio of products and services, and you have a powerful recipe for success.

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