Monthly Tangentia Byte April 2023

  • Tangentia Byte April 2023Tangentia Byte April 2023

    Monthly Tangentia Byte
    April 2023

APRIL 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Tangentia has been recognized as a strong performer in both the Intelligent Automation(IA) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services categories by Zinnov Zones.

Our expertise in these areas has helped businesses across multiple industries to automate their processes, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency. As we pursue our mission to make businesses more agile, efficient, and competitive, we encourage you to pursue the adoption of an Autonomous Digital Enterprise, which can streamline enterprise challenges and unlock game-changing possibilities.

Tangentia is a leading provider of AI services, helping companies harness the power of AI technologies to improve task automation and customer communication, boosting efficiency and saving money. We work closely with companies of any size to help them determine the best way to implement AI to improve automation and drive value.

We Thank you for choosing Tangentia as your partner for autonomous growth, and we look forward to continuing to deliver top-notch services and solutions to you.


Tangentia Partners with Microsoft for App in a day and RPA in a day

We had a blast organizing the "App in a Day" and "RPA in a day" programs with Microsoft, and would like to thank all the participants and our amazing Tangentia team for making it such a success! In these programs, we got hands-on experience building custom business applications and robotic automation precesses using Microsoft Power Apps in just one day.

It was a fantastic opportunity to learn, collaborate, and innovate together. If you missed out on this session, don't worry! We have more coming up soon. Click on the link to join the next session and discover how you can create powerful apps with ease.


Taking Enterprise Web and Mobile App Development to the Next Level

Creating mobile apps that your customers want quickly is crucial in today's fast-paced digital world. That's why Low-Code Agile App Development is such a game-changer! By using Agile methodologies, you can develop mobile apps in a way that allows for collaboration, iteration, and customer feedback at every step. This means you can create mobile apps that truly meet your customer's needs in a fraction of the time it used to take. Check out Tangentia Digital's Agile App Development process for more info. 


Beyond the Spreadsheet: How AI and RPA are Changing

Financial Planning and Analysis

By automating repetitive tasks, improving financial planning and analysis, increasing agility, and managing risk more effectively, CFOs can free up time to focus on more strategic tasks, such as developing growth strategies and driving innovation. As AI and RPA continue to advance, the opportunities for finance departments to drive business success will only continue to grow.

Check out our latest blog on how AI and robotic process automation are transforming the CFO's office and helping businesses become more efficient, agile, and profitable. Learn how these technologies are automating repetitive tasks, improving financial planning and analysis, and managing risk more effectively.


Meet TiA Digital Worker, the Digital Workforce of the Future

The TiA (Tangentia Intelligent Automation) Digital Workers, a state-of-the-art digital workforce, comes pre-programmed with a wide variety of industry-standard processes that can integrate smoothly with any business system. These highly advanced AI-driven digital workers are designed to accelerate business practices, are capable of working 24/7 with zero sick days for maximum productivity, and have successfully proven to deliver impactful results. It's time businesses leverage the power of a digital workforce alongside a human workforce for better and bigger growth opportunities. 


Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz 2023 - Grand Finale

The results are in! After a hard-fought preliminary round, we have our 6 finalists who will take on the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz 2022 winners Meghashyam Shirodkar and Rohan Khanna to be crowned the Tangentia Jigyasa Quiz 2023 champions.

Our 6 finalists are Ayush and Shantanu of EY/Avid Learning, Kunal and Sethu of Adana Ventures/Capgemini, Rajarshi and Francis of Fujitsu/Hdfc Life, Naveen and Jayakanthan of Sai Mitra/TCS. Rabi Sankar and Piyush of Capgemini/MXP Media and Ashish and Sanidhy of IIM Ranchi. The grand finals will be held at the seaside lawns of the Bambolim Beach resort, Goa on the 13th of May. 

Follow us for details of the finals and links to the Livestream coming out soon.


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