Modernizing EDI for Cloud-Based Environments : Key Strategies for Success

Tangentia | Modernizing EDI for Cloud-Based Environments : Key Strategies for Success

Modernizing EDI for Cloud-Based Environments : Key Strategies for Success Modernizing EDI for Cloud-Based Environments : Key Strategies for Success

Modernizing EDI for Cloud-Based Environments : Key Strategies for Success

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) continues to be an essential technology for businesses worldwide, processing a significant majority of B2B digital sales. While challenges exist in today’s cloud-based IT environments, organizations can address these issues by modernizing their EDI platforms. This article presents five strategies for successful EDI modernization.

1: Choose a Cloud-Native EDI Platform:

Migrating legacy EDI platforms to the cloud is not enough for effective modernization. Legacy systems lack the flexibility and scalability of true cloud-native solutions. Opt for a cloud-native EDI platform with distributed deployment capabilities, enabling organizations to deploy instances anywhere to meet specific business requirements. This flexibility ensures adaptability to different cloud environments and even on-premises deployments if needed.

2: Deploy Human-Readable EDI Dashboards:

Legacy EDI systems make it challenging for business users and IT specialists to resolve transactional errors and understand EDI protocols. Modern EDI platforms provide user-friendly dashboards that translate complex EDI language into human-readable formats. This empowers business users to diagnose issues independently and frees up the EDI team for other projects, enhancing efficiency and preventing security risks. Tangentia’s TiA suite of cloud-based EDI solutions provides all of these benefits, while also being built keeping the autonomous future in mind.

3: Ensure Seamless Data Flows to ERP Systems:

To maximize the benefits of EDI, data should seamlessly flow into and out of backend ERP applications. Choose an EDI modernization solution that integrates with ERP systems without the need for separate application integration or workflow automation tools. By consolidating data accessibility across relevant business applications, modernizing EDI becomes a seamless process without additional IT overhead.

4: Implement Fast and Easy Self-Service Onboarding:

Onboarding partners and vendors can be time-consuming and costly with traditional EDI processes. Modern EDI platforms offer self-service onboarding portals, reducing onboarding times significantly. These portals enable partners to complete onboarding tasks independently, accelerating the process from weeks or months to days or even hours. This shift reduces the EDI team’s workload and allows IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

5: Future-Proof B2B/EDI Capabilities:

Rather than replacing EDI, organizations should complement it with emerging technologies like APIs to expand B2B capabilities. Consider an integration platform that supports EDI as well as future requirements such as API Lifecycle Management, workflow automation, and data management. This approach ensures readiness for evolving B2B landscapes and enables organizations to leverage the power of EDI alongside newer technologies.

EDI remains a valuable technology that can further accelerate business when modernized for cloud-based environments. By adopting the strategies outlined above, organizations can make the most of their EDI investments now and in the future. Modernizing EDI enhances its efficiency, scalability, and integration capabilities, paving the way for digital transformation and improved B2B communications.

Tangentia | Modernizing EDI for Cloud-Based Environments : Key Strategies for Success

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