Is Intelligent Automation the answer to the Great Resignation?

Tangentia | Is Intelligent Automation the answer to the Great Resignation?

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Is Intelligent Automation the answer to the Great Resignation?

Author: Pria Vijayaratnam and Vijay Thomas

The times we are living in are unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed how we work; it has changed how we view work. In the U.S., close to 4.3 million people voluntarily quit their jobs in August 2021. The reasons for this are many, including low wages, lack of career growth, boredom, and even pandemic fatigue. However, the result is that many companies are being left with staff shortages that threaten their business operations.

Executives are in a place where they have to brainstorm how they can keep their company functioning with fewer staff members. They bounce ideas back and forth—maybe they need to fix their recruitment strategy, invest more time and money into employee retention or completely change their business plan.

But there is a better solution, one that improves operations and costs less. It’s Automation. But before we get into what automation is and what it can do for you, let’s take a quick look at what losing human staff members means for a company.

What is the impact on a business when an employee resigns?

At first glance, it is clear that when a person resigns from a company, the tasks they once performed are left undone, unless there is someone to come in and take over. However, when a company loses their workforce, they lose more than just a body. They also lose the following:

  • Leaders with industry knowledge, insights, and connections
  • Innovators and thinkers who contribute great value to the company
  • The institutional knowledge about services, products, and customers that goes with them

Is Automation the answer?

Automation—Robotic Process Automation to be precise—is the answer for many companies that are experiencing staff shortages. Software bots, or simply bots, can step in and handle repetitive tasks that are time-consuming and prone to human error.

These bots don’t need to sleep, a salary, or breaks and they won’t get sick or resign. What they will do is pick up the slack and leave your existing human workforce to focus on tasks that offer a higher value to the company and that are more meaningful to them. These bots can be programmed with all the institutional knowledge an employee would have, so nothing is lost.

Where can automation be used?

Tangentia | Is Intelligent Automation the answer to the Great Resignation?

Robotic Process Automation is being adopted in many different departments across a number of industries. For example, it can be utilized in your Finance, HR and IT departments, and intelligent automation is revolutionizing processes in industries such as retail, automotive, finance and banking, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Examples of tasks intelligent automation can handle in a variety of industries include:

  • Onboarding and offboarding new employees, customers, or suppliers
  • Answering general customer queries and FAQs
  • Sending appointment reminders
  • Processing invoices for accounts payable
  • Checking through transactions and databases to confirm identity and detect fraud
  • Generating reports

Yes, we still need people

The goal here is not to replace human workers. The need for people will never go away. But how we leverage those workers is changing. People have so much more to give the companies they work for other than simply entering data and answering general inquiries.

Not only that but employees want intellectually stimulating work that challenges them and that truly contributes to the success of the organization for which they work. Intelligent automation can free them up for retraining and to focus on higher-value tasks, such as engaging with and building relationships with clients.

Think about how valuable this can be for your organization. Imagine a workforce that is trained, reliable, and able to complete tasks in a matter of seconds. Think of making better use of your human workforce to bring more value to your company. With intelligent automation, this can be your future—and you can begin that future now.

Combat the great employee resignation or the great exit as some people call it with Automation today. Connect with one of our team members at Tangentia and discover how we can create a customized automated solution to revolutionize your company processes and hiring needs.

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