Human to Superhuman Automation Event

Tangentia | Human to Superhuman Automation Event
  • Tangentia | Human to Superhuman Automation EventTangentia | Human to Superhuman Automation Event

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Human to Superhuman Automation Event

It's easy to understand, right? Even when explained “what is automation?" by Afaq Qazi, an automation specialist. I tried my best to ignore the thoughts, telling me, “I already know this stuff". It's easy to tune out when you think you know. The challenge is that maybe I'm wrong. Keeping an open mind, I listened to what Afaq had to say.

The speed of technological change is forcing people to reevaluate what they know about automation. Of course automation is a hot topic and for good reason. It is controversial. It can be good or bad depending on where you sit. As an employee, automation can induce fear in even the most talented workers. Take the GM closures as an example. More automation combined with declining sales means many people will soon be out of work. Knowledge workers are also not without risk of being replaced by automation. As a business owner, automation is required to compete.

I listened to Afaq speak with passion about the work he is doing. This doesn't come across from a website. Ideas about Robotic Process Automation(RPA), Business Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain were discussed with the enthusiam of a child in a toy store. I've read about these ideas and watched videos about them on Youtube, but never before spoke with and expert about them. This experience is the same one you will recieve when you attend our Human to Superhuman Event. Connecting your business to the right automation solution is where the real magic happens and it always starts with education and a conversation.