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Develop the apps you need and gain actionable insights from your data

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The need to collect, store, process, and analyse large amounts of data is urgent in today’s business landscape. The need to have public-facing apps is just as urgent. As organizations large and small shift to the cloud, develop apps, and bring in data from those apps and other sources, they face the challenge of how to manage it all securely via the cloud.

Develop the apps you need and gain actionable insights from your data

Google Cloud Platform is a group of public cloud services that allows you to securely manage your data and create the apps you need with full flexibility and scalability. You can run your apps on their servers and scale your use of Google’s resources based on how much the public uses those apps. It’s all managed automatically, freeing up your developers to work on new innovations.

Discover What Google Cloud Platform Is Already Doing for Leading Businesses Around the World

Google Cloud Platform offers your business the cloud access and data management capability you need to enjoy innovative app development and powerful data analytics at a low cost.

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Enhanced Security

Google Cloud provides you with top-of-the-line security that includes a layered security infrastructure designed not only to detect threats, but also respond to them. With real-time monitoring, you will be able to tightly control who has access to your data, where it is being stored, and how it is being used.

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Scalability & Flexibility

Access your apps on-premise, on the cloud, or via a hybrid or multi-cloud approach. Google Cloud offers a fully managed infrastructure, the ability to scale services as needed, and a cost structure that reflects that. You will only pay when your code is running, which means the service will respond directly to the demand for your apps.

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AI & Data Analytics

Collect, process, and analyze the huge amounts of data you are collecting from apps, social media, and other sources. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning at your fingertips, you will be able to identify and deal with issues, find anomalies in your data, and draw meaningful insights so you can build your business intelligence.

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App Development

With access to integrated open source software, your developers will be able to design and build apps to be used in the public cloud with ease. Plus, your developers won’t have to make multiple versions of an app to run on various platforms. Apps are sandboxed and can be run across multiple servers, to allow easy deployment and access.

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EDI has the potential to improve the way your company exchanges data, cut costs and can scale with you as you grow.

Why Tangentia?

Tangentia provides quick on-boarding for trading partners with lifetime EDI mapping compliance. Our end-to-end testing, hands-on training, and 24/7 sales support enable you to get the most out of your ERP solution.


Integration is everything when it comes to an EDI solution. Our platform is compatible with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, Canada Post EST 2.0, Purolator E-Ship Server (ESS), and more.


Security is more important than ever today. Tangentia Gateway offers best-in-class encryption and HIPAA-compliant solutions for 4010 and 5010 EDI specifications.


Working with a tight budget and a specific deadline? Our team knows how to deliver on time and on budget.

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