Automation Anywhere Recognizes Tangentia as a Verified Services Partner

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere Recognizes Tangentia as a Verified Services Partner

tangentia verified services partnertangentia verified services partner

Automation Anywhere Recognizes Tangentia as a Verified Services Partner

Toronto,CA, October 01, 2021 — Global digital transformation company Tangentia ( has been awarded the recognition and accreditation from Automation Anywhere as a Verified Services Partner.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere Recognizes Tangentia as a Verified Services Partner

Unveiled this week by the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, the partner program will seamlessly pair customers with vendors that possess the required expertise to implement Automation Anywhere's solutions portfolio. In particular, this includes the recently-released cloud-native, AI-powered Automation 360 platform — one of the first solutions of its kind.

In order to qualify for the Verified Services Partner Program, a company must meet several requirements:

  • Demonstrate core technical competencies in RPA.
  • Hold the necessary Automation Anywhere certifications.
  • Show a proven, public track record of successful customer automation projects.

For vendors, the program is a powerful competitive differentiator. In addition to being identified as a Verified Services Partner on Automation Anywhere's website, participants are given access to several exclusive assets. These include:

  • A dedicated expert from Automation Anywhere's product success team.
  • Early access to solutions roadmaps, templates, solutions, checklists, and other information resources.
  • Qualified leads for services engagements.
  • Preferred access to the Automation Anywhere helpdesk.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere Recognizes Tangentia as a Verified Services Partner

“The promise of automation is to transform the way we work today by enabling sustained productivity growth and energizing the workforce with higher-value work to improve both employee and customer experiences," says Ben Yerulshami, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels at Automation Anywhere. “The Verified Services Partner Program will help our customers identify partners who have deep technical expertise with a strong record of driving customer success.”

“For over a decade, Automation Anywhere has maintained its position as one of the top RPA vendors in the world, and has been instrumental in our own success as a global RPA solutions provider," adds Ashwini Hegde, Practice Manager for the Tangentia Automation group. Vijay Thomas, CEO of Tangentia said “We're honored to be selected in Automation Anywhere's Verified Services Partner Program. We look forward to seeing this partnership improve Tangentia's capacity to empower, enable, and transform the processes and operations of our clientele."

Tangentia is one of 20 initial Verified Services Partners, joining the likes of Accenture, Deloitte, and Infosys. In addition to delivering solutions utilizing Automation Anywhere Tangentia has built their own platform TiA (Tangentia Intelligent Automation), which harnesses the power of Automation Anywhere to deliver robust industry accelerators to enable the best automation practices for clients globally. With TIA clients can cut their journey to automation in half and start seeing ROI quickly.


Tangentia is a global digital transformation company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It has over 18 years of experience in automation, B2B, and digital integration solutions. The company has efficiently managed digital transformation and B2B for 1000+ customers globally, including 13 Fortune 500 customers. Tangentia platforms handle over 10 billion USD/year in B2B and B2C transactions. Visit to learn more.

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