User Lifecycle Management

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User Life Cycle Management

Automated user life cycle management is no longer an option but essential to operate in an increasingly integrated environment comprising of not only enterprise systems but also application owned by business partners , customers leading to high volume of short user lifecycles.

It is necessary to create user accesses within no or minimum turnaround time and revoke them as soon as they are no longer required. At the same time, it needs to be ensured that there are no stale unused accesses in the IT environment which otherwise could leads to serious un-auditable security breaches.

With Tangentia’s Security Solutions, you can:

  • Enable centralized user management with automated or approval based grant of login IDs/Accesses.
  • Enforce periodic access re-certification
  • Achieve Integration with authoritative sources of user Identities like HR Mgmt System, Active Directory
  • Enforce approval to ensure that enhanced privileges are only granted after due diligence
  • Grant or Revoke accesses on demand either automatically or by enforcing centralized security policies.
  • Audit every grant and revoke of access by approvers along with all user actions