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Tangentia can simplify the process of implementing and configuring your Automation Anywhere solutions, help you build a powerful Center of Excellence (COE) for your company, and provide the training and support your teams need. Tangent is a Platinum Canadian Automation Anywhere Partner. With more than 50 Automation Anywhere trained and certified RPA developers, business analysts, architects and project managers, the Tangentia Automation team is ready to take on your digital transformation projects anywhere in the world.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is a form of Business Process Automation (BPA) that combines software and AIi to create programmable “bots” that can perform repetitive tasks.

How RPA Works?

Much like a physical robot performs repetitive physical tasks, an RPA robot performs repetitive software tasks. RPA bots replicate the actions of humans by interacting with existing user interfaces to
perform tasks in record time and they can be used in a variety of industries, such as finance, insurance, retail and automotive.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation for Your Business

RPA offers businesses incredible value at a time when they need to do more with less. These benefits can be felt across an organization, making it easier to reach operational goals.

Increased Efficiency Automated tasks can be completed in mere seconds or minutes, rather than hours, and they can be performed 24/7. This allows a high volume of work to be performed in a short period of time and without any downtime.
Reduced Costs It is so easy to run multiple bots on a single virtual host. This makes it possible to achieve a solid ROI right from day one.
Full-featured RPA Have the ability to automate a variety of used cases, such as help desk and customer service, more with intelligent chatbots and integrated OCR.
Easy to Get Started Choose from a range of deployment options that will provide you with simple licensing and low-code development to you are up and running quickly.

Ready to see Automation Anywhere in action?

The Automation Anywhere + Tangentia Advantage

Automation Anywhere provides companies with access to a robust digital workforce, agile RPA solutions, and more, all through a cloud-native platform. We work with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries to help them improve inefficiencies, automate tedious tasks, and derive more value out of their processes.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

Build Bots in Minutes

Design and implement bots in minutes on Windows, MacOS and Linux using an intuitive and
user-friendly drag and drop builder that supports all skill levels.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

Reduce Your IT Demand

Rapid deployment, a plugand-play model and instant scalability allows you to quickly
automate business processes. And using the control room, you can quickly share codes across systems and view analytics allowing you to achieve a lot more with less.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

Robust AI Capabilities

A web-based management system with a control that allows you to run end-to-end automated business tasks. Comprising a task bot, meta bot and IQ bot, you can choose to implement a bot based on the requirements and complexities
of a process.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

Unparallelled Security

With bank-grade encryption protecting data at rest and in motion, security is in-built in the Automation Anywhere Platform. The platform has the ability to enforce fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) at scale and will help you meet stringent governance and compliance requirements.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

Instant Scalability

The demand on businesses fluctuates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You need to be able to keep up with process volume changes. With auto-scaling, RPA will allow you to pivot when you need to, adapting to unforeseen
workload spikes instantly.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

Environment Agnostic

RPA bots can be deployed in either a public or private cloud in any technology environment, including server, desktop and mainframe. This makes it invaluable to back-office and front-office processes and improves accessibility to customer service.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Journey

We document the current state process through job shadowing and install the RPA tool in a single environment. We demo the PoC to the stakeholders and record a ‘before and after’ to showcase the value added. Documentation also includes key learnings, point of view on key questions and next steps.


Getting Started With Automation Anywhere Made Easy

Automation Anywhere Software Licenses
+ Tangentia Professional Service

Our Starter Pack comes with project execution and delivery over a period of four weeks, as well as managed service support for three months.
Automation 360 Enterprise RPA (Pure Cloud) includes:

  • 1 Control Room
  • 3 Bot Creators
  • 1 Unattended Bot Runner
  • 10 Bot Insights Users

Tangentia Services Included:

  • 4 weeks of project execution and delivery
  • 3 months of BOT managed services

RPA By Industry

See how RPA is transforming the way legacy industries operate through an agile approach to process improvement.

Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

RPA for the Retail industry is capable of transforming processes :

  • Take a deep dive into the customer journey and smooth the way for a seamless customer experience
  • Analyze customer data to improve inventory management, store planning and product categorization
  • Automate logistics and supply chain and improve collaboration with suppliers and distributers


Summit Wealth Automates 50% of
Quarterly Report Generation Using RPA
“Tangentia has relieved pressure from my employees for a task they didn’t like doing. The accuracy of the reports has greatly improved. I’m fully confident that automation has increased our capacity to take on more clients seeing as we can now handle all the additional reports required to manage them.”

Paul Sabat

Managing Partner at Summit Wealth Advisory Group Inc

Automation Anywhere & Tangentia Services

Tangentia is a global leader in automation. Our Automation Anywhere (AA) platform offers the power of cloudbased robotic process automation (RPA) with our Automation 360 platform, the world’s only cloud-native platform.
Automation anywhere also offers:
Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA
Implementation Partner Program
Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA
Preconfigured Starter Packs to accelerate your RPA adoption
Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA
Industry accelerators built for your industry
These offerings come with a range of services to get the most out of your automation.

Slide Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA Professional Services Business Services Our business services will ensure your automation plan matches your business objectives. We will examine your existing processes and provide Process Design & Discovery services to determine which processes are the best candidates for automation. Slide Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA Professional Services Technical Services Our range of technical services will ensure you have what you need to get your automation off the ground. With Solution Architecture & Design, Technical Q&A, Development Operations and Delivery, you will have a fully functional automation solution to power your business processes. Slide Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA Professional Services Certified Team Automation Anywhere is supported by an amazing team of 100+ developers who work with companies of all sizes, regardless of their level of automation. Our AA team will work as closely with you as you need to help you reach your automation goals and maximize your ROI.
Slide Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA Professional Services Global Implementation Team Our Automation Anywhere team has a global presence, with offices in Canada and the USA; national representatives in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico; and a presence in India, Australia, China, Japan, the UK and the UAE. This makes it easy to connect with us no matter where you are.

Managed Services Provider

Slide Once you have your bots up and running, we won’t leave you hanging. We have a team of highly trained and experienced technical support engineers who will provide you with the support you need, no matter where your bots are deployed.

With a range of support plan options, you can choose the level of support you need to ensure you are covered 24/7/365. Talk about peace of mind.
24/7 Support Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA
Slide Once you have your bots up and running, we won’t leave you hanging. We have a team of highly trained and experienced technical support engineers who will provide you with the support you need, no matter where your bots are deployed.

With a range of support plan options, you can choose the level of support you need to ensure you are covered 24/7/365. Talk about peace of mind.
Bot Operations Centre (BOC) Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA
Slide Our Bot Factory is designed to ensure you get the bots you need when you need them, whether you need just a few bots or you have a large-scale project that spans across your entire organization.

We have a dedicated team that will design, develop and test the bots you need to simplify key processes. When they are finished, they will roll out production-ready digital workers that are customized to your business and offer continually managed services and bot maintenance and enhancement services.
Bot Factory Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

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Tangentia | Automation Anywhere RPA

RPA Workspace forms the fully secure foundation of the Automation 360 platform, allowing you to deploy bots quickly and scale as needed, when needed, across legacy systems as easily as web-based apps. Build customized bots in mere minutes by clicking and dragging the actions you want them to perform from start to finish.

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