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    August 2020

Digital Workers in the Workplace Driving Digital Transformation
Digital workers working side by side with employees is on the rise. If your organization is looking to automate mundane tasks in Accounts Payable, Finance or HR, we can help. Utilizing the robust capabilities of our partners such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath, IBM and Blue Prism, we can build an affordable solution that helps you cut costs and save time.

To book a demo with one of our RPA solution experts to discuss the impact of
Digital Workers for your organization, click below.
How AI Can Support the New (and Old) Way of Learning
While many schools hope to see their students back in classrooms, the reality is often a hybrid model of learning, with some or all of it done remotely. Fortunately, the technology exists to make the remote learning journey a smooth one.
TIA Chatbot for
Intelligent Education
TIA offers intelligent chatbot & voice capabilities making it possible to efficiently provide students & the general public accurate & timely answers to their
questions, improving their overall communication experience.
Meet New Government of India GST Compliance Requirements
Your organization has 30 days to get compliant in India with new GST E-invoicing requirements. Get compliant within 2 weeks with Tangentia E-invoicing Gateway to ensure you meet the deadline of October 1st, 2020.
Introducing TIA Industry Accelerators
The TIA IA is built to serve the needs of various industries, offering deployment-ready software solutions built to accelerate business processes. Its capabilities can be extended, modified or customized, depending on the individual needs of the company, making it the ideal solution for process automation.

All of us at Tangentia are proud to receive The CEO Story's Company of the Year 2020 award. We thank all our customers, partners and associates globally for helping us achieve this success.
Click the link below to read our CEO, Vijay Thomas's take on how during these trying times, Tangentia has risen above the storm, and then some.
Higher Education Institutes across the globe are turning to chatbots and AI to improve the student experience, provide virtual learning assistance, and accelerate student support services.

If you have considered AI and virtual-assisted chatbots for your institution, attend our webinar on September 2nd @ 4:00pm IST where we will discuss our success stories and introduce TIA (Tangentia Intelligent Automation) chatbot.
Tangentia is a proud sponsor of the FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers Association) AGM 2020 happening this weekend 5th September, 11:00am IST

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