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Tangentia’s Team of EDI Experts offer EDI Consulting Services and Managed Services for businesses that maintain their own EDI system.
From new trading partner on-boarding, mapping specification changes, and EDI connectivity testing/troubleshooting, to designing and implementing a new EDI architecture and migration of all EDI maps and business processes, Tangentia can cater to your on-demand and on-going EDI needs.


EDI Consulting


EDI Managed Services

IBM Gentran

IBM Sterling B2B


Cleo Lexicom

Mapping Factory

Why Tangentia’s EDI Services

1) Tangentia’s standardised IT Solutions and Processes make delivery simple, cost-effective and fast
2) Our solutions are tailored to achieve efficiencies across geographies and businesses
3) Our team ensures reduced management & process overheads

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IBM Sterling Gentran

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator


Cleo Lexicom

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